Winterfest has a long tradition of faith-formation with senior high and college students in our synod! Winterfest at the Nook, will be hosted at the Warehouse Hotel at Spooky Nook Sports Complex, on December 7-8, 2019. The “Nook” proved to be a very popular upgrade in 2018, so we return in 2019, to try again. We are working with the property to get participants in rooms earlier in the day on Saturday, and are confident you will have a positive hotel experience.

We are honoring our lower price point of $155, held over from 2018, and hope to eventually generate an event youth will want to attend, and that families and congregations can value, and support financially.  Once again, space for 2019 is VERY limited. Registrations will be received on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be accompanied by a $50/person deposit.

So here’s how registration will work for 2019:

+ All we need for registration are the participants name, gender and shirt size
+ Request a check from your congregation’s treasurer for the amount of $50 x # of participants
+ Print and fill out the Group Registration Form and Group Housing Form, and mail it with your check to our office

What to Expect?

Youth and congregational advisors can look forward to a variety of social activities and games in addition to our faith-formation conversations and teaching. The community feel that has defined Winterfest for generations will also be a prominent part of this year’s event, alongside of inspired worship and time for reflection and sharing. In addition, we will once again offer “ELECTIVES” in the afternoon block on Saturday. Youth AND adult advisors will be able to self-select the elective options they wish to attend, based on their interests. Watch for a “electives” preview pdf, coming soon!

Registration Materials

+ Space is LIMITED, and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis!
+ Event cost for 2019: $155.00/person($50 deposit due at time of registration)
+ Read about our 2019 theme: “HOPE” below

Registration NOW OPEN!

Download the application, group forms, and promotional materials, posted below:
WINTERFEST 2019 Registration Packet (detailed information on “how to” register)
WINTERFEST 2019 Parent’s Information Letter
WINTERFEST 2019 Bulletin Insert
WINTERFEST 2019 Group Registration Form (mail completed form with deposit)
WINTERFEST 2019 Group Housing Form (mail completed form with deposit and Group Registration Form)
WINTERFEST Youth Covenant
WINTERFEST Adult Covenant
WINTERFEST Child-Abuse Disclosure Statement

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Postmarked by November 4, 2019

Read more about our 2019 Theme, “HOPE…” under the retro Winterfest images located below

Winterfest at the Nook

Pastor Shawn blesses youth during Winterfest worship 2018

Carla Christopher

Vicar Carla Christopher Wilson
main stage presenter

Winterfest at the Nook
Winterfest at the Nook
Winterfest at the Nook
Winterfest at the Nook
Winterfest at the Nook

Hear Pastor Dana's very personal and powerful stories of hope

Our 2019 event theme, “HOPE”

“We hope for something we have not seen, and we patiently wait for it,” writes the Apostle Paul in the 8th chapter of Romans, referring to the hope and confidence we experience, that God will keep God’s promises of salvation, thanks to the loving sacrifice of Jesus. But fostering and maintaining the hopeful love, grace, and forgiveness we experience from God in Christ, is hard to maintain at times, when the world around us seems to be lacking hope. Our teens are growing up in a culture where there are endless stresses placed on them related to their future, the constant threat of school violence, concerns about climate change and wondering if their future on Earth will be compromised, and countless other anxieties.

We will address how we can remain hopeful and foster hope, we call it “planting the seeds of hope,” and will share examples of young people who are living lives that reflect God’s love, grace, forgiveness and hope! But we will also make available “electives” or time with guest presenters, where youth can choose from a variety of topics that interest them. Watch the page above as we add some of our topics and presenters in coming weeks.

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