Spiritual Wellbeing Cohort Grants Now Open

Because peer-to-peer support creates long-lasting relationships, both personally and professionally, Bishop Dunlop is offering up to ten (10) $1,000 spiritual wellbeing grants for rostered ministers’ cohort groups to gather around a self-identified area of spiritual growth or edification.

What is a Spiritual Wellbeing Cohort?

A spiritual wellbeing cohort is a new or previously formed group of 5 to 8 rostered minsters (up to two of whom may be non-LSS clergy), walking together around a shared affinity, passion, or equipping goal. Examples include:

  • A cohort of ministers serving as military chaplains who gather with a guest speaker at Camp Nawakwa for discussion and edification.
  • A cohort of ministers transitioning into retirement who gather regularly for peer conversation and meals.
  • A cohort of ministers committed to leading white people out of white supremacy who engage book studies and invite the author to participate in-person or via Zoom.
  • A cohort of ministers who gather for group spiritual direction and soul care/sharing.
  • A cohort of new-to-our-synod ministers who seek to deepen relationships by exploring the area together through day trips or other forms of gathering, such as hiking, museums, and/or ice cream.
  • A cohort of ministers seeking to increase their joy in ministry together through an improv class or other learning opportunity.
  • A cohort of ministers ….. you fill in the blanks here. (These ideas are meant to be thought-provoking, rather than prescriptive.)

Each grant will reimburse up to $1,000 of actual expenses incurred, including how each cohort gathers and pursues their area of affinity – books, speakers, meals, retreat spaces, tickets, classes, and the like.

What is Covered by this Grant?

How Do You Apply?

Email Bishop Dunlop (jdunlop@lss-elca.org) a proposed cohort plan which should include:

  1. the 5-8 rostered ministers in the cohort;
  2. identification of the affinity area, equipping focus, or purpose/goal of the cohort; and
  3. the cohort plan briefly sharing how the group will gather around the identified focus area and includes an estimate of projected costs.  The plan is not meant to be impressive or restrictive; rather, it is meant to share the cohort’s intentions and plans.

Spiritual wellness cohort grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until all ten are acquired. When in the office, Bishop Dunlop will promptly respond to each proposal as they are received. Please note Bishop Dunlop will be traveling to the Holy Land and enjoying summer vacation; however, he will contact you as soon as he returns to the office.

When a spiritual wellness cohort grant is awarded, we ask that you keep track of the actual expenses incurred.  When you are ready to receive the one-time grant disbursement, please submit all expenses and receipts (up to $1,000) directly to Bishop Dunlop for prompt reimbursement.

When Are Grant Funds Received?

Questions? Please contact Pastor Beth Martini, Deacon Marsha Roscoe, or Bishop Dunlop with any questions or wonderings.