by Dr. Beverly Wallace

Happy New Year.

And look at the time. The first month of this New Year is almost over. We may have made some resolves and perhaps we have already swayed away from them.  This is simply a reminder that we can all begin anew.  And so, in what I have committed to do, that of writing about Trauma and Healing, I begin anew.

The last time, I wrote, I introduced the concept of TRAUMA. As a reminder, trauma is a bodily or mental injury. It is a stress so great and unexpected that it cannot be defended against, coped with or managed well.  The events stunts and immobilized.  Coping skills are frozen; defense mechanisms fail.

Trauma Is a mind – body condition which links emotional and physiological, responses. I would also suggest that Trauma is a SPIRITUAL condition. The Source of the Trauma can be: External – an event that begin from outside the individual/family/communal system OR the source of the trauma may be Internal: En event that begins inside the Individual/family/communal system. Regardless, the event, as defined by the individual or the family or the community itself, is defined as a Trauma.

This month, I want to introduce you to the concept of “SOUL TRAUMA”.

Soul Trauma is when the prevailing societal forces interrupt, diminish or destroy the Soul of an individual or a people. The SOUL is everything that makes a person who they are:  one’s desires, reasons, rational, passions. It is name, your spirit, your heart, all of you.

So, what happens when THE SOUL, your Soul experiences hurt and your whole being is traumatized? When your name – your identity, your experiences is not recognized? When your personality – everything that makes you unique about you is questioned? When your vital part (your spirit)- your vital essence which distinguishes the difference between whether you are alive or not is in peril? When you struggle between living and dying? When you can’t breathe?  When your shadow side that part of your being that is always with you that is hidden? When that of your soul has to stay in the shadow and you can’t be your full self? When your Heart – the seat of your emotions; your thoughts, your will and your intentions are compromised? What do you do, how do you feel, and how do you HEAL?

That’s SOUL TRAUMA. That’s SOUL HURT. We have been wounded. We ARE wounded.

We have been wounded through the rupture or our brokenness of our lineage – our Identity. We have forgotten who we are and we have forgotten WHOSE we are.  Remember from the very beginning God said that all that God made was good and often we forget that We have wounds whether we want to admit it or not. It shows up in so many ways – in our physical, spiritual, emotional, relational health.

My hope for you during this New Year, is to engage in the work of Healing; healing some of the soul trauma that keeps us from being fully who God has created us to be.

The last article I mentioned that I would engage in a monthly recording of Healing with Dr. W. Well, as it is with most of us, life got in the way. My commitment to you AND to me is a commitment to have this be a year of walking toward an intentional way of healing. So, look for me to a give you some ideas so that together we can be what God has intended us to be. Our full authentic self.