by Stephanie Lower

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement, commemorated annually as Earth Day. Since 1970, billions of individuals from more than 190 countries have come together every April to take action towards a greener, more equitable future for our planet.

As the countdown to Earth Day 2023 continues, it is important to remember that, regardless of where you are or what you do, you have the power to yield real change and be a champion for Earth. To protect our planet, we must invest in it. Here are some ideas on how to honor Earth Day 2023…

Take Action

This toolkit offers ways you can take these actions throughout the month of April…

  • Climate Literacy
  • End Plastics
  • Plant Trees
  • Vote Earth
  • Global Cleanup
  • Sustainable Fashion

Celebrate the Natural World

Get details on how to celebrate through these great activities…

  1. Support Our Pollinators
  2. Clean Up Plastic in Your Neighborhood or Local Park
  3. Swap Out Your Kitchen and Household Products
  4. Plant a Tree
  5. Use Wildflowers and Native Plants
  6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in the Garden
  7. Stop Pesticides and Chemicals in the Garden
  8. Conserve Water
  9. Think About Your Diet
  10. Get Kids Involved
  • Bonus: Enjoy the Wonders of the Universe… From Earth
  • Earth Day Quotes and Poetry

Search for Local Earth Day Events

Search for local Earth Day events (and register your own!) at

virtual earth day worship service

Saturday, April 22 at 9:00AM on YouTube, hosted by Lutherans Restoring Creation

You are invited to join and share in a creation-focused worship service. The Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin will provide a sermon based on the readings for April 23, 2023. (The Holy Gospel reading is from the 24th chapter of Luke.) A Spanish translation of the sermon will be available as well. Congregations wishing to integrate into their service are encouraged to register for an advance download.

Earth Day Videos and Books

COP27 Climate Education Hub Pavilion Events

Link to Session Videos

Videos from the first ever Climate Education Hub, COP27’s premier center of thought leadership and dialogue on climate education.

Getting societal values back on track to restore our Earth

Conservation Conversations

Dr. Herbert Raffaele and John Turner are two giants in the field of conservation and have set the stage for the world to see the critical importance of sharing the planet with millions of species, most of which are crucial to our own survival.

World Cleanup Day, 2022

Momentum Towards A Waste-Free World

Millions of people participated in cleanups around the world to celebrate World Cleanup Day and removed millions of pounds of trash from natural areas. Still, there are important questions and choices to be made.  How do we end the pollution problem at its core?

Reading and Writing Resources from Lutherans Restoring Creation

Stephanie Lower is the founder of the Creation Care Team at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Lancaster. She is also a Certified Master Watershed Steward at Penn State Master Watershed Stewards, York County, and a faithful green leader and partner congregation mentor at Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake.