Greetings siblings in Christ,

My name is Jim Person, and I am Pastor at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Harrisburg (“St. Mark Across the Street” for those familiar with the location of the Synod office).  I have been at St. Mark for about 14 years now, though I have a history there that goes back to 1996 when I was in my first year of seminary at 40 years old.

When I saw that Marsha was looking for some folks to write for a wellness blog it piqued my interest.  I have had a lifelong interest in fitness, in fact, I remember using a kitchen chair to work out with Jack Lalanne when I wasn’t much taller than the back of the chair myself.  More recently, as I have “matured”, I have become interested in healthful living in general.  I must admit I have not always been, and am not now, the picture of ultimate fitness or health, but I am always working to improve.

Since I was about 12-13 years old, I have done powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic-style weightlifting.  For a while I was into running, participating in everything from 5K through marathons, but that was 30 years and almost 80 pounds ago. (Wow! It hurts a little to write that!)  In 2016 I got certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and just last year became an ACE Certified Health Coach.  Those certifications were mostly for my own satisfaction and I haven’t put them to any kind of public or professional use until now.

I have a real interest in the relationship between our physical and spiritual wellness that I would like to explore through this blog.  One area of interest to me is Paul’s use of body imagery in talking about the life of faith in his Epistles.  I am excited to share what I have experienced and what I have learned and look forward to some stimulating discussion through this forum.  Let’s see where the Lord leads in this new venture.

Peace be with you always,
Jim Person