We help churches more fully participate in the mission of Christ’s church and connect more deeply with the communities and individuals they serve.

Supporting Small Congregations

In Partnership with United Lutheran Seminary’s Kindling Faith

Small congregations matter to God.  In John 10, Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.” In countless small member congregations, people have learned how to listen for Jesus’ voice in their lives and learned what it means to follow our Lord. 

Small congregations hold significance in the eyes of God, as they possess distinctive gifts and opportunities for serving both God and their neighbors. Small congregations create space for deep relationships with both God and one another, and they serve as a testament to the presence of God. In fact, many congregations, both within our synod and nationally, fall into the category of being small.

Small congregations are a gift. Size does not diminish importance; rather, it magnifies the depth of connection to those we serve. We are aware that carrying out ministry during the numerous changes and challenges we encounter today is often a complex endeavor.

At the heart of our synod’s small congregation focus is our desire to support and encourage one another as we seek new ways to love and serve together. We also want to focus on learning from each other and nurturing our unique gifts for ministry.

Above all, we want to encourage and nurture small congregations by providing resources, guidance, and leadership support that align with the unique dynamics and gifts of small congregations as we rediscover and reclaim the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Many of these resources come in the form of workshops and experiences through the Lower Susquehanna Synod’s Partnership with United Lutheran Seminary’s Kindling Faith.

Upcoming Events

Fostering Spiritual Resilience with Dr. Elaine Heath

ULS Kindling Faith – Feb 29, 2024, 9am-3pm

This workshop will focus on nurturing our spiritual needs and caring for our souls as we engage in Christ’s meaningful work. This workshop is being offered in person at ULS Gettysburg, as well as offering a Zoom option. View the full event description here.

Cost: $20 (online), $30 (in-person, lunch included)

Register here.

Rediscovering Hope with Rev. Nancy Nyland

ULS Kindling Faith – April 11, 2024

This workshop will focus on reclaiming our hope in Jesus Christ and how this shapes our evangelism and outreach. This is a hybrid event, with an in-person option at ULS Gettysburg and an online option

Registration forthcoming

Small Congregation Cohort

Fall 2024-Spring 2025

This cohort offers a unique opportunity for leaders to come together, share experiences, and access valuable resources in a collaborative and growth-oriented environment. It will involve both in-person and virtual meeting dates.

  • Renewing small congregations
  • Supporting leaders
  • Connecting with your community
  • Repurposing buildings for mission
  • Building partnerships for mission

Registration forthcoming