Christ calls us to nurture congregations whose faith shines in our relationships with God, each other, and our community. We support congregations in naming their identity and responding to God’s invitation to participate in the mission of Christ’s church.

Becoming a Hybrid Church

Pastors Richard Jorgensen and Dave Daubert have a new book out, co-written to share a base for helping converse about the new online ministry opportunities that face every congregation. The book, Becoming a Hybrid Church, is one for congregations and leaders looking at ways to adapt their work to the pandemic chapter of church life and then beyond. Leaders everywhere are in agreement: the church will not go back to the way things were before the pandemic. We will move forward into new and more hybrid ways of working. Many of these changes have been accelerated by the pandemic; however, they were on their way already. Now, there is no turning back for leaders who see how God can use these new tools in service of the Gospel.

The book covers a wide variety of areas of congregational life and leadership. Each chapter is concise and covers ways that future ministry will be on-the-ground and online; and, how these two environments can support and complement each other in an effective ministry. It is not a book about either on-the-ground ministry or online ministry. It is a book for most congregations who will find themselves more and more doing both.

The book is designed to help leaders have the important conversations about this major shift in congregational life so that real change can happen. Change happens best when everyone can hear, reflect and speak with others in guided and prayerful ways. This builds community and allows for broader consensus about how important new ways of working are and how to cut new ground and enhance ministry together.

To do this, each chapter covers an aspect of ministry and then ends with a discussion guide. Designed for small groups, leadership teams and congregation-wide conversations, the discussion include a scripture text, questions for reflection and discussion, and closing prayer. This means the book is set up to read and works especially well when read with others.

The book can be ordered at and will be available on Amazon and Kindle as well.

Director for Evangelical Mission Pastor Richard Jorgensen works with congregations looking to be renewed in God’s mission by deepening their faith, reconnecting with one another, and re-rooting in their community. Through consultation and coaching, Pastor Richard supports rostered ministers in rediscovering their passion for the gospel, accompanies congregations struggling with their sense of purpose, and helps leaders and congregations look towards the future with hope. Pastor Richard invites you to contact him via cell at 717-817-3723 for training opportunities in congregational renewal, consultation, coaching, or to learn more about resources both within and beyond our synod for renewal.

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Hybrid Ministry Resources

On Ash Wednesday 2020, none of us expected that by Easter Sunday our church buildings would be empty; however, moving worship from inside our buildings to online gatherings enables us to share the Gospel with more people than ever before. As we continue to learn how to respond to the changes all around us, during this year’s Bishop’s Convocation held on October 21 and 22, over 120 colleagues gathered with Rev. Dr. Dave Daubert, Rev. Richard Jorgensen and Rev. Protodeacon Peter Danilchick, to consider what it means to be “hybrid church,” offering both in-person and online ministry and mission.

Convocation worship, keynote presentations, and Q&A are now available here .