The Lower Susquehanna Synod (LSS) is a multifaceted synod with many missional priorities, and we recognize that no two congregations are the same. There are commonalities that tie us together, such as our belief in the transformative power of grace and our commitment to loving and serving God’s creation. This new logo, The Diversity Tree, lifts up who we are as Lutheran Christians, rooted in baptism, our lives centered on the love seen in the cross of Christ, fulfilling God’s dream that the leaves of this tree, our people, and our ministries are for the healing of the nations. We welcome all, because God welcomes all, and our unity is in Jesus Christ.

We have created some graphic standards for the Lower Susquehanna Synod logo, The Diversity Tree. It serves as a quick reference guide for rostered leaders, congregations, and partners in ministry. The downloadable quick-reference style sheet will help us present a consistent appearance and message to members and non-members throughout our communities and the world.

Logo Usage

We have provided Full Color and One-Color Black Logo files for use digital and print use, as well several logo variations that may be used. Use your best discretion when choosing which logo to use. Download logo files and related resources from this page for the best quality versions of the LSS Logo.

We have created a one page Mission Overview document, to assist in understanding some of our key synod efforts. This document has language that will help you understand our mission priorities and how they relate to our new logo, as well as our identity and calling.

Mission Overview