This synod has responsibility for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct (harassment, abuse, exploitation, or assault) by rostered ministers (pastors and deacons), administering appropriate discipline, and responding to those who have been harmed. We are committed to fostering an environment of trust and accountability. Policies and procedures in place in this synod provide for compassionate and resolute response to those wounded by rostered minister sexual misconduct, as well as appropriate discipline for those who offend.

Any sexual misconduct perpetrated against a roster minister by a member of the congregation, a church employee, or another roster minister should be reported to the bishop’s office either directly to the bishop, to one of the assistants to the bishop, or the vice president. Contact information can be found here. An alternative for a rostered leader could be to report to contact Barbara Keller at 773-380-2568 with the ELCA.

To access our synod’s Statement of Policy and Protocol Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Rostered Ministers, please visit