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Pastor Kevin leads evening worship at Upper Temple
Small group conversation allows youth the opportunity to hear from peers

The All Saints Confirmation Camp, is a partnership of 20+ synod congregations, mostly representing the Gettysburg, Hanover, York, and Chambersburg Conferences, held in June (June 11-16, 2023). Pastors and youth leaders from the various member congregations comprise the staff who lead small group teachings and conversations on a variety of topics related to Confirmation faith formation, Topics include, but are not limited to:
The Creeds
Prayer Practices
The Ten Commandments
The Sacraments: Holy Communion & Baptism
Service in Jesus Name

Youth participating in catechism in their home congregations are welcome to attend. Youth participate in small group active-learning and conversations based on our annual curriculum and theme each morning, and gather with their friends and leaders from their home congregations for conga-time, or “congregation-time,” each day after lunch. Afternoons are spent participating in traditional camp activities like swimming, games, crafts, with cabin groups and Nawakwa staff. Evenings include community activities like campfires, skit nights, outdoor camp games, and inspired worship often held in the beautiful natural chapels dotting the Nawakwa countryside. The three-year curriculum cycle allows youth to opt to participate beyond their ‘confirmation’ or Affirmation of Baptism. To learn more and to hear directly from our youth and leaders, check out our video.
2024 Camp Forms:
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For congregations looking to reinforce the basic tenets of Confirmation ministry in the home congregation, this is an ideal cooperative community approach. Say for example, you have just a handful of youth, or have limited opportunity to offer regularly scheduled Confirmation classes, this camp offering will help youth engage with their peers while exploring more deeply the basic building blocks of Confirmation. While it does not “replace” more regular Confirmation study, it does compliment whatever you might offer in your home congregation, and exposes youth to other trained leaders and caring adults.

Friday’s at All Saints, often features a service-learning component. Quilt-making in 2022, and in 2023, guests from ‘Mercy Ships’ visited camp to teach youth about their mission of providing surgeries and medical care to people living in developing nations with limited access to life-saving and life-changing procedures. Youth made blankets and gimp jewelry for children who visit the ship and for the children whose parents serve on the ship.

Congregations interested in participating in All Saints Confirmation Camp can contact Pastor Kevin Shively,,  or Pastor Shawn Berkebile,, for details on how to get involved in this annual ministry. Congregations are expected to send at least one adult, preferably the pastor or youth leader, with their youth participants.

3rd & 4th year youth serving
at First Fruits Farm, 2019

Youth gather for conversation with peers, 2022

Large group time, 2019

Interactive learning highlighted the Joy & Sorrow theme, 2022

Worshipping at Bishop Chapel, 2019

Participants learned about the mission of local quilters and got some hands-on experience, 2022

Youth build lasting friendships, 2021

Worship, prayer and conversation about our lives of faith are at the center of our time together