Quick Links To Youth & Young Adult Ministry Events

ALiVEMiddle School Youth Retreat
An annual youth retreat for middle-schoolers at Camp Nawakwa. ALiVE 2022 is September 23rd-25th.
Leadership Training Camp
Leadership Training CampSenior High Youth
A camp for youth who display gifts for leadership and who might like to strengthen those gifts in service to God and others. LT Camp 2023 is July 23rd-29th at Camp Nawakwa.
WinterfestSenior High Youth Retreat
An annual youth retreat for high-schoolers at the Wyndham Lancaster. Winterfest 2023 is January 6th-8th.
ELCA National Youth Gathering
ELCA National Youth GatheringChurchwide Youth Event
A triennial gathering of youth, advisors, and youth workers from around the ELCA that comes together for a week of faith formation, service, & fellowship! The next youth gathering is July 16th-20th, 2024 in New Orleans, LA.

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Ministry with Youth

Ministry with Youth in A Missional Age

Ministry with children, youth and their families has long been a priority in our synod. Also known as faith formation in the first-third of life, we provide resources, events, and consult with congregations as they accompany young people who are growing into disciples of Christ in today’s world. Links to our events are located above, which include event descriptions and registration information. Our Resource Center, located within our synod offices, can provide you with dozens of resources for curriculum, both digital and in hard copy.

In addition, our Office for Faith Formation and Youth Ministry is part of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network, and the Association of Lutheran Resource Centers, both networks that connect our congregational youth workers and volunteers to nationwide peers and resources.

Ministry with Young Adults

What Defines “Young Adult”?

In Lower Susquehanna Synod, a number of ministries are blossoming that target “young adults,” and we will do our best to link those to this page, so that if you are looking for an opportunity for gathering in community with peers, you have some options. The ELCA defines “young adults” as those who have graduated from high school through as old as age 30. That’s a pretty broad span of ages, and life experiences. Which may be why no one model fits all, and why our synod uses a variety of approaches to this ministry. The reality is that ministry with people in their late teens and 20’s can vary depending upon marital status, whether the person has a child or not, if they are attending college or trade school, working full-time or holding down two or three part-time jobs simply to stay afloat financially. Like any age group, there are lots of different needs, and as faith mentors we need to respond with a variety of opportunities for exploring faith formation, worship, and Christian service.

Young Adults & LutheranHANDS

LutheranHANDS is an organization started by young adults from Lower Susquehanna Synod that now has a much broader reach across the ELCA. However, they are still based here in central Pennsylvania and offer service learning trips that are primarily attended by youth, young adults, and adults from our synod. LutheranHANDS offers a number of trips annually, but one trip is always specifically designed for young adults, plus a number of other trips available to all generations. The young adult trip caters more to college students, and is usually held during the week between Christmas & New Years. Affordable, fun, and always service-based and justice driven, these trips allow the participant the opportunity to explore their own identity as a Christian, while serving others and building Christ-centered relationships in the process. To learn more about these trips and the mission of LutheranHANDS, visit: https://www.lutheranhands.org/