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July 28 – August 2, 2019
Camp Nawakwa’s Upper Camp

Congregations are invited to identify young leaders in grades 8-12, who display gifts for leadership and who might like to strengthen those gifts for service to God and others, and to recommend them for our annual synod Leadership Training Camp (LT Camp). Participants attend at NO COST, thanks to generous financial support from Gordon Lamb, Chris & Missy Grant, and a number of other camp alums. Participants will experience a variety of interactive learning opportunities, designed to help them celebrate and enhance their leadership gifts, challenging them to harness those gifts in service to their families, congregations, communities, and the world.

The foundation for this curriculum comes from Mark 10, where Jesus reminds the disciples that He has come to serve others, thereby shifting the cultural leadership dynamic from one of power, to one of humility and service. Young leaders will come away more confidence, practical experience in planning and leading small groups, and a network of peers and adult leaders who are there to support them as they continue to discern God’s call to them in their personal and vocational lives. Not exclusively a camp for young leaders discerning a call to ministry, this week is designed to help equip the participant for a life of discipleship, with an emphasis on Christ-like servant leadership.

The week includes a balance of faithful conversation, fun, fellowship, powerful worship, and a healthy mix of play and faith formation. To register, download the LT Registration Form:


Mail it to:
LT Camp
Memorial Lutheran Church
c/o The Rev. Dana Blouch-Hanson
34 E. Orange Street
Shippensburg, PA 17257

2018 LT Counselors

Registration Now OPEN

The “Jesus Is…” Project

Each year, LT’s, Alums and Counselors are asked to name who Jesus is, for them. They are invited to come up with an answer that speaks to them, and to write it on their body like a temporary tattoo, to be a visual reminder of who Jesus is in the midst of their daily lives. The idea came from New Orleans residents, who following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, moved back to their city in the wake of the flooding. When asked “why return to a city that could flood again,” they responded with a photo series that had them write their responses on their bodies, then be photographed. The series hangs at the Superdome.  Powerful, passionate, and haunting all at once. I was moved to wonder if our youth could capture that same passion for our Lord? They always do! These are some of those images.

LT Camp 2018: Retrospect

Over 54 youth and staff gathered for our 2018 LT Camp the final week of July at Camp Nawakwa. Alumni Curriculum leader, Molly Crouser shares that this was one of the most consistently strong classes of Alums in years. Bree Sult, former LT & Counselor joined the staff, along with Matt Lebo, who never attended the synod LT Camp ministry, but who as a college senior at PSU, pursuing a degree in education, brought a lot of experience to the table. Pastor Jay Eckman returned to staff for the first time in many years, after recently completing his seminary degree work.

While the week was rainy, it didn’t dampen the spirit of the LT’s and Alums, who persevered through many outdoor activities in the rain. As one commented, “my shoes never dried, all week.” LT’s had the opportunity for the first time, to not only create a youth meeting for their home congregations, but to envision a curriculum piece for the Winterfest at the Nook event in December, where a number of them will be invited to help lead the session for their peers.