Raising our awareness of God’s loving and living presence in our lives is at the heart of Faith Formation.
It involves practices that are individual and communal, and is a lifelong pursuit.

“We cannot attain the presence of God because we’re already totally in the presence of God. What’s absent is awareness.”
Richard Rohr, theologian and author

Our Center for Faith Formation is dedicated to helping equip congregations to nurture this awareness.
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Ministry with Youth and Young Adults

One size does NOT fit all. In Lower Susquehanna Synod, we intentionally support a number of ministries that target youth and young adults, and partner with outdoor ministries and others to foster leadership development. You will find links to age-specific and multi-generational events, service-learning experiences, and even ministries that cater to adult youthworkers, both volunteers and staff. Just follow this link to learn more.

Ministry with Youth and Young Adults

Faith Formation Events for Leaders

From Synod Assembly Edification Days to Boundary Workshops and the Bishop’s Convocation. Whether you are looking for Racial Justice training, youth events, VBS Previews, or help with resources, accompanying leaders of all ages with events geared towrads continuing education and spiritual development are a commitment for our synod. Visit our website home page got the latest event information.

Faith Formation Events

Outdoor Ministries (our camps), Confirmation Camps, The Wittel Farm Growing Project

Many church leaders share that they first sensed the Spirit’s call to ministry at our camps. Our camps provide something for all ages, especially youth. In addition, we have three Confirmation camps held annually, and you can join volunteers at the Wittel Farm Growing, a ministry partnership between the Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central PA and Hunger-Free Lancaster County, the Growing Project reclaims a portion of the acreage gifted for its original use, farming.

Outdoor Ministries