by Rev. Ken Brown

Listen to Rev. Ken Brown, aka spoken-word poet Analysis, share some of his life’s story and how it has shaped his perspective on faith-based activism and advocacy.

A veteran of various forms of public speaking, Analysis is a spoken-word poet, rad minister and bookseller, educator and consultant, soccer addict and lover of justice and human rights. He’s been featured and spotlighted at venues across New England and the Mid-Atlantic and, during the pandemic, the world. A background in civil rights and economic justice, anti-apartheid and anti-racist organizing, secondary education, justice theory and ministry, and international travel manifests itself in his poetry—as does a love of radical history, family, and people in general. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, he studied Public Communication at the American University and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University, where he graduated with highest honors. Analysis is the host of Red Emma’s Mother Earth Poetry Vibe, a quarterly open mic and feature venue of the theme “Peace, Justice, Poetry!” that takes place at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse in Baltimore and is a member of Simply Poetic Entertainment and Restoration Village Arts. He is the author of Somewhere Through the Haze—a short collection of poems on a variety of justice & human rights topics—and the album, A Couple Thousand Years Later.