by Rev. Gwynn Fuqua

Call to Worship          

Leader:                 Let us return to the glory of the time before,

People:                 Before our ancestors survived the Middle Passage,

Leader:                 Before they were carried in the cargo hold to lands so far away that they would never find their way home,

People:                 Before their languages and their true names were taken away,

Leader:                 Before they were given slave names and claimed as property,

People:                 Before we were looked upon as bucks, breeders, belly warmers and mammies,

Leader:                 Before our bodies were coveted yet feared,

People:                 Before our strong men and women were bound and our house plundered.

ALL:                        Let us reclaim and manifest the sure knowledge of God’s beauty which dwells in us, God’s glory which radiates from us, and God’s power which flows from our fingertips.



Holy One,

We need your presence, in this place, right now. We need to feel your nearness as we worship here. Some people would let us believe that our brown bodies have no glory. Some people would let us languish in low regard, never knowing that somewhere there is clean, fresh water in which we could see our beauty reflected. We seek to know the real meaning of the life and teachings of your son, the Black Messiah, Jesus Christ, this black prophet sent to build a black Nation. Be with us now and help us to see that here, in this house, we are the Nation. We have been selected and set apart. We are committed to the task which you have given us. We are the Nation, and we are here to offer ourselves to you and to consecrate ourselves to the task of building up your people. Let all blessing, honor, glory and power be unto you, both now and forever.

Let all the people say, “Amen!”


Leader:            Go forth into the world with courage.

People:            We have found the courage to look back beyond the slave block and the slave ship without shame.

Leader:            Go forth into the world in power.

People:            We wear the power of God like a garment.

Leader:            Go forth into the world with purpose.

People:            We will build a Black communal society which protects and cultivates the minds, bodies and souls of Black men, women and children everywhere.

Leader:            Go forth into the world in freedom.

People:            We throw off the shackles of self-hate in order to see the image of God in ourselves.

Leader:            Finally, go forth into the world in the inescapable love of God.

ALL:                 We leave behind everything that keeps us from loving our God with our whole being and our Nation as ourselves. Amen.


Rev. Gwynn Fuqua is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).