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The COVID pandemic has invited unprecedented change within the Church. It has also offered church leaders the space to better understand their call to ministry and how that intersects with the rest of their life. This discernment, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, has led to many transitions in the lives of our leaders and congregations.

To better assist our rostered ministers and ministry sites during leadership transitions, the Metro D.C. Synod invites all congregational leaders and rostered ministers to an informational session about the importance of ending/leaving ministry well. These sessions will be led by Rev. Glenn E. Ludwig

Rostered Ministers | Wednesday, October 20 10:00 – 11:30 PM

We will explore how to end/leave a call in a way that supports the ongoing mission of the congregation and honors the integrity of the office of ministry.

Congregational Lay Leadership | Thursday, October 21 7:00 – 8:30 PM

We will discuss the importance of ending a ministry well and how you can facilitate that good ending in your ministry context.

Meet the Presenter

The Rev. Glenn E. Ludwig was ordained into Word and Sacrament Ministry for the Lutheran Church in America in 1973. During his 48 years in ministry, he has served in rural, town, and suburban parish settings. For almost thirty years, he served as the Senior Pastor of larger congregations, first in Ellicott City, MD, at First Lutheran, where he served for 23 years, and subsequently at Trinity Lutheran in Camp Hill, PA, where he was Interim Senior Pastor for three and a half years. His career also included serving as Chaplain to the University at Susquehanna University, his alma mater, from 1980-85, and as Vice President of Gettysburg Seminary from 2013-18, where he also served as Project Director for a Lilly Grant to train senior pastors in the ELCA.

He attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and is a graduate (Magna Cum Laude) of Lancaster Theological Seminary in 1973, receiving the “Excellence in Ministry” Award, their highest honor, in 2000. Pastor Ludwig is also the author of seven books, the most recent of which addresses the issue of long-term pastorates and was published by the Alban Institute.

He and his wife, Stella, a retired elementary school teacher and former outdoor ministry director, live in
Mechanicsburg, PA. Pastor Ludwig’s two children and four grandsons live in PA as well.

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