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St. John’s Lutheran Church is excited to invite you to learn, discuss and walk together as we learn more about our Indigenous siblings in the Central PA region. One of those ways is by learning from the resources in our area. We welcome you to join us in a presentation and discussion of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

Learn more about the ELCA’s Declaration to American Indian & Alaska Native people regarding our commitments as a church: CLICK HERE

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918) was part of a national strategy of assimilation of Native Americans through education, which was carried out by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in cooperation with religious denominations and charitable individuals and groups. The Carlisle school holds a unique place in this mosaic of assimilation, and for the past decade the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center has been compiling, sharing, and studying the wealth of documentation left behind about the school and its nearly 7800 students. This talk will examine what we now know about how the school functioned and the experiences of students, as well as its legacy and what it still has to teach us today.

Jim Gerencser is the Co-Director of the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center and the College Archivist of Dickinson College. Kate Theimer is a Project Partner of the Resource Center and the author of a history of the Carlisle Indian School and a walking tour of the grounds.

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