The Lower Susquehanna Synod in Assembly, in conjunction with synods across the ELCA, submitted a resolution calling for the church to establish a Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church. The text of the memorial is HERE. The memorial passed with more than a super majority. It calls upon the Church Council of  the ELCA to take action. In their most recent meeting they established a mechanism to create the Commission. Their actions are listed HERE.

The Lower Susquehanna Synod Council in their November 19 meeting took the following action to receive nominations:  Lower Susquehanna Synod Council will receive nominations between now and February 1, 2023, by accepting the nominations form available on our website.

We would encourage anyone interested in serving to submit a nomination form. In addition, if you believe that you know of someone that would have the gifts to serve in this capacity, please encourage them in prayerful discernment to submit their nomination information. The ELCA Church Council is committed to broad and diverse representation as they form this Commission to shape the future structure of the ELCA.

You can learn more about the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church directly from the ELCA here.

Commitment and Expectations of members of the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church can be found here.