Call to Action

  • Join the LAMPa statewide network of creation justice advocates by emailing When you do, you will receive action alerts and updates on what is happening regarding state (and sometimes federal) environmental policy, grassroots service.  You will also find support and fellow Lutherans to accompany you in your advocacy for our common home.

  • Join us for Lutheran Day in the Capitol, May 20, 2019, and for an interfaith day of service and advocacy on creation care on Sunday afternoon, May 19.

  • Reduce emissions caused by fossil fuels by switching to renewable energy through Pa. Power Switch here.

  • Participate in the Energy Star treasure hunt for houses of worship to see where you can save money and protect the planet.

  • ENERGY STAR for Congregations: Powerful tools and information for stewardship

  • Consider an inter-generational congregational service project to weatherize homes — maybe of seniors or others who cannot financially or physically do it themselves. To learn tips from other faith communities who do this, contact the State College chapter of PA Interfaith Power  & Light and ask about Weatherization First.

  • Distribute energy-saving light bulbs along with food or other items your congregation distributes. This is a great idea for Advent or Epiphany as they both tie into the theme of light.

  • Plant trees, especially near waterways, to capture carbon, cool the earth and slow runoff into our waterways. To learn more about grants for riparian buffer programs, click here, or contact LAMPa for help with grant applications. This can also be done with certain edible plants that can be used to grow food for the charitable food system or sold by farmers as an alternative crop.

  • Send a message to your member of Congress about including sustainable agriculture practices as well as resiliency-enhancing measures such as riparian buffers in the federal Farm Bill.