Listed by City of Residence

Title/NameCityPhoneAdditional Phone or Notes
Rev. Emily EwingBaltimore, MD(970) 471-1595
Rev. Terrence McCarthyBiglerville717-357-8644Needs transportation from Biglerville or East Berlin
Rev. Carol ParrBoiling SpringsPlease contact via email:
Rev. Eric AndersonCarlisle(717) 249-8137
Rev. Herbert SpomerChambersburg(717) 263-9797
Rev. Roland E. Langford, Jr.Charlestown, MD(410) 287-5573
Rev. D. Evan HouckEnola(717) 497-3742
Rev. Glenn BeardEphrata(717) 721-7978
Deacon Jennifer MurphyGardners(717) 357-9712Non-communion services
Rev. Clifton SuehrGettysburg(724) 640-0661
Rev. Dr. Martin ZimmannGettysburg(734) 755-4523
Rev. Catharine GeibGettysburg(717)-576-8384
Vicar David HothGettysburg(720) 855-8878Non-communion services
Rev. Emmanuel MchomvuGettysburgavailable starting 8/27/23, needs transportation to and from Gettysburg, (no phone to list)
Rev. Peter RoyGettysburg(570) 710-0321Within 1 hour of Gettysburg
Fr. Gene TuckerGettysburg(814) 644-3677Email:
Rev. Joseph VoughtGettysburg(540) 421-2667
Rev. Martin HornGreencastle(717) 593-0924Cumberland, Franklin & Adams counties
Rev. Cynthia BaxterHanover(410) 596-2392
Rev. Faye SnyderHanover(717) 451-0851
Rev. Clifton EshbachLancaster(717) 290-7138Not available until October 2024
Rev. Russell RockwellLancaster(717) 940-8444Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon only
Rev. Peter RusticoLancaster(845)-239-9207
Rev. H. Lee BrumbackLittlestown(717) 359-8882
Sr. Marianne BrockMechanicsburg(717) 574-9066Non-communion services
Rev. Anne-Rose ReevesMechanicsburg(717) 732-7026
Rev. Linda WatkinsMont Alto(717) 830-2544Episcopal
Rev. David KlepperMount Joy(717) 725-3837
Rev. Melody SellMount Joy(570) 916-8835
Rev. Cynthia ChambersNew Oxford(717) 624-5504Not available for services before 9:00 AM
Rev. Bonnie OplingerShillington(484) 388-0563within 30 miles of Shillington
Rev. Michael SeifriedShiremanstown(717) 579-9023Within 30 miles
Rev. Paul WarnkeSykesville, MD(410) 552-0894
Rev. Patricia SnyderYork(717) 880-7791
Rev. Brenda KiserYork (717) 215-3567
Rev. John Teitman(717) 919-7849

Congregations, Rostered Ministers, and Supply Persons Regarding Pulpit Supply

This is a list of active and retired pastors, deacons, and seminarians who have identified themselves as open to being pulpit supply in congregations in our synods.  Please note in the chart any special notes and their contact information.  Please contact them directly to make pulpit supply arrangements. Marty Shifflett continues to be a resource and someone congregational leaders are welcome to consult for suggestions of who they might contact for pulpit supply. She can be reached at 717-652-1852, Ext. 115 or via email.

Make sure you communicate with the pulpit supply:

  • date/time of worship
  • address of the church building where worship will take place
  • whether there will be communion and any special notes about worship
  • whether there is a children’s sermon

In advance of the service, share a  bulletin with the pulpit supply so that he/she can be familiar with the order of service. Please make hospitality arrangements in advance for overnight accommodations should the pulpit supply find it necessary.

The honorarium should be presented to the guest immediately following the service.


$195.00 for one service.
$245.00 for two services on the same day.
$295.00 for three or more services on the same day
(*plus mileage) *The mileage reimbursement for each round trip is at the prevailing IRS rate.

Add $50 for each additional service (i.e. more than three Sunday morning services) For example, four Sunday morning services are $345 [$295 three service rate + $50 one Sunday extra flat rate = $345].

Add $70 for each additional service other than Sunday morning (i.e. on Saturday evenings). For example, one Saturday evening and two Sunday morning services are $315 [$245 for two services + $70 Saturday evening flat rate = $315].

Pastoral Supply for one service includes: Sunday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday evening, weekday, and weekday evening services. For example, a single Maundy Thursday evening service is $195; a single Sunday evening service is $195.

Any pre-recorded service separate from in-person worship will be compensated as an additional service. The cost guidelines above apply to this service as well. The technology support will be provided by the congregation.

Seminarians with a positive endorsement from their Candidacy Committee and obtain permission from their bishop may supply for non-communion worship services at the recommended supply rates. If you have a question about a candidate for ministry, please contact Pr. Dana Blouch-Hanson at

The mileage reimbursement for each round trip is at the prevailing IRS rate of 67 cents per mile (effective 01/01/2024)

Effective 1/1/24