Following the unprecedented rainfall we have received over the past several weeks, our Lower Susquehanna Synod Lutheran Disaster Response (LSS LDR) Network has been incredibly busy during the month of August and continues to actively respond to the needs of local residents and congregations across our synod.

Zion, Glen Rock, is one such example. This summer’s flood waters devastated the church building with overwhelming damage. Thanks to your generosity, when disaster struck, we were able to help. A gift from our Always Being Made New LSS Disaster Response is on its way today to make a difference. Yet, the rains keep coming and there is still much more to do!

Will you make a difference? Financial support is always most helpful at the initial phase of a response. Please consider inviting your congregation to support LDR’s local disaster recovery. Every dollar of LSS Disaster Response support directly benefits local disaster victims. Help tell our story with this poster.


Read Pastor Glenn Beard’s LSS LDR Network update here.