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ALIVE is our annual synod middle-school retreat. Our annual fall retreat is scheduled for September 27-29, 2024, at Camp Nawakwa.  Congregations from across our synod gather with their adult advisors and youth for this traditionally early fall weekend that includes large group gatherings with singing led by our ALIVE Alumni Band, theme-centered videos and stories, and games, interspersed with small group gatherings, where youth gather with peers and a small group leader, to converse about the theme and it’s impact in their lives of faith. It’s a great event for your Confirmation students and classes.

The weekend also includes crafts, games, campfires, free-time, and community-building that allows youth and their adult counterparts time to deepen existing friendships, and create new ones. Congregational advisors can also count on the option of receiving some intentional continuing education. Plus, inspiring outdoor worship often highlights our last morning together at Nawakwa’s famous Upper Temple! 

+ This event is for 6th through 8th graders in the fall of 2023, so talk to 5th grade families NOW!
+ Event cost: $139.00/person ($50 deposit due at time of registration)

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Have your credit card or PayPal information handy when you register if you are opting to pay digitally. If you would prefer not to pay digitally, simply choose the ‘invoice’ option during registration, print the invoice and mail with your deposit check. We do ask that once you have registered your group, please fill out the Cabin Housing Form (below) scan and email to, or ‘snail mail’ to the Synod Office for Faith Formation. Our synod has moved, so please note that our new mailing address is: 1959 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Fall at Camp Nawakwa is a beautiful time to be ALIVE
Youth enjoy authentic community at ALIVE 2023
Speakers, live music, and fun with fellowship and outdoor worship all contribute to a culture of community

2024 Theme Announced: ‘Fingerprints’

What to do now?
Download and print these documents and distribute to families and in your congregation, as needed:
ALIVE 2024 Flyer (suitable for posting)
ALIVE 2024 Registration Instructions (event details and registration specifics)
ALIVE 2024 Parent’s Event Information Letter (to provide parents with an event overview)
ALIVE 2024 Youth Information Collection Sheet (to collect data for digital registration)

Registration for 2024 NOW OPEN!
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We have shifted to a digital registration process. You can register digitally and pay either your deposit or your registration in full. You will want to have basic contact information for participants and their shirt sizes handy, when you register yourself and your youth. We have included two forms above, to assist you in communicating this event to families. The Sample Parent’s Letter, explains the event, and the Participants Information Collection Sheet, designed to help you collect youth info for when you sit down to register everyone digitally. PLEASE, whenever possible, register as a group as opposed to having parents register their child individually though the digital portal. When you have completed the digital registration, no matter how you pay, please download and fill out the cabin assignment sheet and email a pdf copy to, or mail a hard copy to Lower Susquehanna Synod, ALIVE Event, 1959 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011. 

Download the other forms that you will bring along to the event, posted below:
ALIVE 2024 Cabin Housing Form (scan and email completed form with deposit, if not paid digitally)
ALiVE Youth Covenant
ALiVE Adult Covenant
ALiVE Medical Release Form
ALiVE Child-Abuse Disclosure Statement

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 9, 2024