Educating the next generation is an extremely important goal of the Konde Diocese.

Manow Lutheran Secondary School is a boarding school in the Konde Diocese. It was founded in 1993 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. Approximately 250 students currently attend the school where classes are taught in English.

The school is based on the British system of education. The school includes Form 1 through Form 6. Forms 1 through 4 are similar to our high school grades 9 – 12. At the end of Form 4, students take a national exam that determines if they can go on for further study. Forms 5 and 6 are the equivalent of junior college. The students take an exam after Form 6 to determine who will go on for further study at a university.

In Tanzania, students must pay to attend high school. It costs about $950 a year to educate a student at Manow. Since the average salary is one dollar a day, and the average family has five children, many families struggle to put their children through school. Only ten percent of Tanzanian youth attend high school.

If you or your congregation would like to provide scholarship support, contact Pastor Beth Martini at or Pastor Cliff Eshbach at

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