One way for congregations to maintain an on-going and personal relationship with the Konde Diocese is to become a companion congregation. When a companion relationship is established your congregation will be able to be in regular communication with a congregation in the Konde Diocese. This relationship includes the exchange of letters, prayer petitions, ideas, pictures, and gifts. Currently there are 44 such companion relationships in the Lower Susquehanna Synod. Agencies and institutions within the synod have also provided support and established relationships in the Konde Diocese.

Throughout the years companion congregations have exchanged letters, prayers, sermons, gifts, and resources. In several cases, representatives of synod congregations have visited their companion congregations in the Konde Diocese.

If your congregation would like to become a companion congregation, contact Pastor Clifton Eshbach, at; or Pastor Beth Martini at 717-652-1852, ext. 102, by email