Vision statement of the Konde Diocese: “Good news and better life for all people without discrimination of any kind.”

Mission Statement: “To serve humankind holistically, spiritually, physically and mentally.”

With over 6.5 million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is one of the largest Lutheran church bodies in Africa. It is led by Presiding Bishop the Rev. Dr. Fredrick Shoo and twenty-five diocesan bishops.

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  • The Konde Diocese has more than 125,000 members, seven church districts, 160 pastors, nearly 200 evangelists, serving more than 100 congregations.

  • The Gospel was brought to the area by German missionaries in 1891. The Konde Diocese, which was started in 1977, is headquartered in Tukuyu.

  • The Konde Diocese is led by Bishop, the Rev. Geoffrey Mwakihaba, Assistant to the Bishop, the Rev. Meshack Njinga, and General Secretary Benjamin Mbembela.

Bishop Dunlop and Bishop Mwakihaba during Bishop Dunlop’s 2023 trip to the Konde Diocese

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Konde Trip Photo

On a recent trip to the Konde Diocese Pastor Cliff Eshbach managed to get together five of the eight Gettysburg Seminary graduates for this photo.  From right to left they are:

Rev. George Mwakanyamale – class of 2017
Rev. Amani Mwaijande- class of 2013
Rev. Kumbuka Mwasanguti – class of 2011
Rev. Melkizedeck Mbilinyi – class of 2007
Rev. Bishop Ambele Mwaipopo – class of 1995

Absent from the photo are the Rev. John Mwasakilali,- class of 2015, and the Rev. Imani Chibona, class of 2009. Remembered with affection is the late Rev. Erasto Mwaipopo – class of 2005.