Bishop James Dunlop
Bishop James DunlopBishop of The Lower Susquehanna Synod
(717) 652-1852 ext. 106
The Rev. James S. Dunlop was elected to serve a six-year term as bishop of the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in June 2013. Bishop Dunlop was ordained in 2005, and served as pastor of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Littlestown, PA.
Lucinda Bringman
Lucinda BringmanVice President of Synod, Chair of Synod Council and its Executive Committee
(717) 334-6695
Vice President Lucinda Bringman is a layperson elected by the Synod Assembly and chairs our Synod Council. She is also a voting member of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. As an officer of this synod, the Vice President is a member of the synod’s Executive Committee.
The Rev. Thomas E. McKee
The Rev. Thomas E. McKeeAssistant to the Bishop
(717) 652-1852, ext. 111
Assistant to the Bishop Pastor Tom McKee serves as administrator of our synod and staff liaison to our candidacy committee, and relates to the North York, South York, York, North Lancaster and Lancaster Conferences. As an officer of this synod, the Secretary is a member of the synod’s Executive Committee.
Joseph Stepansky
Joseph StepanskyTreasurer
(717) 652-1852, ext. 108
Treasurer Joe Stepansky is elected by the Synod Assembly and is accountable for the management of monies and all financial accounts of this synod. As an officer of this synod, the treasurer is a
member of the synod’s Executive Committee.

Executive Staff

The Rev. Robert Blezard
The Rev. Robert BlezardAssistant to the Bishop
(717) 652-1852 ext. 109
Pastor Robert Blezard serves as a congregational Stewardship Consultant, providing education, resources, training and workshops to our synod, as well as leading efforts in synodical Mission Support development. He also coordinates our synod’s mobility process and works on leadership development, especially professional boundary workshops and anti-racism resources and training. He coordinates the Committee of Deans and serves as staff liaison to Lutheran Men in Mission. In addition, he serves as staff liaison to the Gettysburg, Hanover, Lebanon, Upper Dauphin, Perry, West Cumberland, and Chambersburg Conferences. Pastor Blezard publishes our weekly Leadership Links. Pastor Blezard can be reached at 717-652-1852, Ext. 109 or by email.
The Rev. Sharron Riessinger Blezard
The Rev. Sharron Riessinger BlezardAssistant to the Bishop
Pastor Sharron Blezard is out on medical leave.
The Rev. Beth Martini
The Rev. Beth MartiniAssistant to the Bishop
(717) 652-1852, ext. 102
Pastor Beth Martini is helping our synod staff while Pastor Sharron Blezard is on medical leave. She will help coordinate First Call Theological Education and serve as staff liaison to the Global Missions Committee, World Hunger Committee, Criminal Justice System Ministry, Poverty and Justice Table, the Congregational Leadership Resource Team, and serve as staff liaison to the Harrisburg and West Shore Conferences. Pastor Martini can be reached at 717-652-1852, Ext. 102 or by email.
The Rev. Richard E. T. Jorgensen Jr.
The Rev. Richard E. T. Jorgensen Jr.Director for Evangelical Mission for Renewing Mission
(717) 652-1852, ext. 105
Director for Evangelical Mission for Congregational Renewal Pastor Richard Jorgensen works with congregations looking to be renewed in God’s mission by deepening their faith, reconnecting with one another, and re-rooting in their community.
Charles R. Roberts III
Charles R. Roberts IIIDirector of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
(717) 652-1852, ext. 113
Charlie Roberts, Director of Resources and Faith Formation, works with congregations and ministry peers in maintaining a common sense of mission and vision for the Church, and supports the formation of faith for children, youth, young adults, adults and their families.
Deacon Marsha Roscoe
Deacon Marsha RoscoeDirector for Mission Interpretation
(717) 652-1852, ext. 103
Deacon Marsha Roscoe Works with synodical leadership to identify and live into our missional priorities, serves as our communications director and oversees our Always Being Made New campaign.
Deborah Clark (Debbie)
Deborah Clark (Debbie)Executive Assistant to Bishop Dunlop, Pastor McKee, and Synod Council
(717) 652-1852, ext. 117
Debbie Clark provides direct administrative and executive support to Bishop Dunlop, Pastor McKee and our Synod Council. She provides administrative support for the following committees: Candidacy, Synod Nominating, Gifts Discernment, Compensation and Benefits, Synodical Worship, Constitution, Personnel and Mission. Facilitating flow of information to the Executive Committee and Synod Council, she supports the synod secretary and the Assistant to the Bishop for Administration. She assists Bishop Dunlop in planning and preparing for congregational visits.

Support Staff

Catherine Deitrich
Catherine DeitrichAdministrative Assistant, Assembly Registrar
(717) 652-1852, ext. 104
Cathy serves as our Assembly Registrar, oversees in-house IT needs, provides administrative support to executive staff, and directly supports Deacon Marsha Roscoe with managing support staff workflow and maintaining our new website. She can be reached by phone at (717) 652-1852, ext. 104 or by email.
Denise Ferguson
Denise FergusonAdministrative Assistant, Treasurer's Office
Denise serves as an Administrative Assistant in our financial office supporting Treasurer Joseph Stepansky in the management of synod finances, including our Always Being Made New Campaign. She can be reached by phone at (717) 652-1852, ext. 114 or by email.
Cathy Paul
Cathy PaulSecretary, Treasurer’s Office (part time)
As secretary to the Treasurer, Cathy Paul is responsible for our accounts receivable, which includes preparation of mission support and other benevolence reports. In addition to supporting our Audit and Finance Committees, she also serves on the Synod Assembly Elections Committee. She can be reached by phone at (717) 652-1852, ext. 107 or by email.
Marty Shifflett
Marty ShifflettAdministrative Assistant, Resource Center
As administrative assistant to the Resource Center, Marty Shifflett supports Charlie Roberts in ensuring our Resource Center is a hospitality hub that provides space for conversation, learning, previewing and borrowing materials. Marty assists congregational leaders in previewing faith formation resources, such as Vacation Bible School programs, and can assist congregations in planning seasons of faith formation. Marty also serves as the synod’s Supply Pastor Coordinator. She can be reached by phone at (717) 652-1852, ext. 115 or by email.