New Evangelism Certificate Program Launches Fall of 2019

Stevenson School for Ministry in partnership with the Lower Susquehanna Syond, ELCA.

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As the church, we often talk about Evangelism, and yet, for many of us, evangelizing does not come natural to us.  Within a safe learning community that supports you, we invite you to learn simple practices and behaviors that help you practice gospel hospitality, share your story and listen to others’ stories, and most importantly, do what matters most to God.

Instructors: Deacon Marsha Roscoe and Pastor Richard Jorgensen


Ways to Share our Story

COST: $75.00 per individual and $150.00 for two or more from the same congregation
DATES: Mondays at 6:00 p.m. November 4 – December 2.
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This course explores how to seek, name and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people.  Students engage scripture and prayer practices that help us identify and name our own encounters with Jesus and that seek and name where we see the presence of Jesus in our communities and neighborhoods (five-week course).


Gospel Hospitality

COST: $150 per person
DATES: Fall 2020 (Five week course)

This course teaches the basics of gospel hospitality: from signage, to welcoming space, to what happens when someone comes to the church for the first time.  Students will learn how to examine their current context for intentional and unintentional gospel practices and inconsistencies.


The Message of Mission

COST: $300 per person
DATES: Twice per Year (Ten week Course)

This course explores how the apostolic witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ is at the heart of the church’s mission. The church has the critically important task of communicating the message of Jesus Christ to the world. Reflecting on scripture and God’s call for us, we use the Book of Acts as a model for contemporary ministry in the communities in which God has planted us