We work to…

Share resources available to assist congregations in helping people who are experiencing homelessness.

Educate people in our synod about homelessness and what it looks like in the variety of contexts in our region.

Advocate for ways to end homelessness in our region.

Explore ways for churches to join together in developing ways to help people out of homelessness and develop affordable housing.

Carla Christopher Wilson

Homelessness & Affordable Housing News & Resources

The Homeless Remembrance Blanket Project

The memorial blanket project’s goal is to raise awareness about the reality of homelessness in this nation and show that even though homelessness can feel overwhelming, there are specific, concrete actions that individuals can take to respond in love.

abc27 reporter Bobby Laurie spoke with Blanket Project Administrator Amy Neurohr about the work of The Homeless Remembrance Blanket Project.

Carla Christopher Wilson