The Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson
The Rev. Carla Christopher WilsonSynod Liaison
Debbie Sweger
Debbie Sweger
Vicar David Hoth
Vicar David Hoth

Mission Statement

As a group of ministry lay and rostered ministers within our synod, encourage, support and provide opportunities for congregations and church ministries to be equipped to welcome, include and engage in lifting up the spiritual gifts of God’s people identifying as having a disability.

Together We Can

Welcome all people warmly and without hesitation. We are a church that belongs to Christ. There is a place for you here.

Use language that honors and respects the individual person, language that always puts the person first – “person with a disability.”

Get to know people as people – not as labels, problems or diagnoses. Find out about a person’s interests and gifts.

Ask if a person needs help before offering assistance.

Encourage all people to grow in their faith and their spiritual practices, and to use their gifts for the good of the church.