Our Task Force

Pastor Dan Long

Pastor Dan Long

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Deacon David Hope-Tringali

Deacon David Hope-Tringali

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  • Rev. Dr. Charles Oberkehr

  • Rev. Wicky Barnes III

  • Rev. Jennifer Hope-Tringali

  • Rev. Deacon Kristen Barnes

  • David Atkinson

  • Carol Forbes

People seeking more information or to join the task force can contact David at dtringali52@gmail.com

Mission Statement

The AMMPARO Task Force will work to implement the strategy of AMMPARO in the Lower Susquehanna Synod through Sharing, Praying, Acting, and Advocating (SPAA) for migrant children, their families, and those in their countries of origin working fix the root causes of migration

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ELCA-Sponsored Workshop on the U.S. Immigration System


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