As we seek together to love and faithfully serve our neighbors, we recognize that many in our communities are differently-abled, and of diverse races, cultures, countries of origin, genders, sexual orientations, or economic statuses. Following the Biblical example of Jesus, we believe we are called to walk alongside those who have been traditionally marginalized by society and may not have had voice or presence in our congregations.

As the synod expression of the church, we strive to lift up the priorities of community, innovation, justice, and service with practical tools that empower leaders and inspire congregations. Called by faith, we commit to learn and grow together, celebrating and affirming our differences, and finding ways to seek safety and justice for all God’s people. We trust healing and reconciliation are possible and that God’s will is served and the church is strengthened by the wisdom and experience of many.

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The LGBTQIA+ Affirming Task Force of Lower Susquehanna Synod provides resources to rostered leaders and congregations seeking to more effectively welcome and  support LGBTQIA+ people into full equity and inclusion in the church.


Toward Racial Justice

Toward Racial Justice seeks to actively encourage, empower, and equip members of the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA in and for the faith-based Gospel call to racial justice.


Disabilities Ministry

Disability Ministries provides many different kinds of resources to assist and connect people. Stay tuned for more information to come on this Lower Susquehanna ministry.


AMMPARO/ Immigration

 AMMPARO was envisioned to accompany children today and in the future who are forced to flee their communities because of complex and interrelated reasons.


LSS Hunger Initiatives

Grant funding is available from both ELCA World Hunger and our synod’s World Hunger Committee.
Together we can feed others as we have been fed by Christ.


Housing Equity

Educating, advocating, and exploring ways for churches to join together in developing ways to help people out of homelessness and develop affordable housing.

If you would like to learn more about LSS Justice Ministries, request a congregational or institutional training, or be connected with a task force contact Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson.