Our Mission Fulfills Diverse and Evolving Needs.

Developing Leaders

We share responsibility in accompanying individuals to faithfully focus on our collective relationships with God and the world around us; offer access to continuing training for church leaders; and respond with ministry opportunities and educational development to those with an inner call to serve as pastors and deacons.

Fostering Spiritual Wellness

We encourage individuals and congregations to discover deeper connections with Jesus Christ, find renewed inspiration and purpose in the Cross, and become faithful disciples of Christ.

Interacting Authentically

By reaching out into our communities in ways that align with our Christian values, we seek to promote Gospel-centered hospitality and encourage loving, Christian relationships. Practicing what we preach, in other words.

Caring for Congregations

We help churches more fully participate in the mission of Christ’s church and connect more deeply with the communities and individuals they serve.

Growing Justice Outreach Initiatives

We are committed to caring for all people regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, cultural differences, or socio-economic status. We strive to speak on behalf of all God’s children and seek justice for all. No exceptions. Our differences are our strength.

Building Global Relationships

We work zealously to end poverty, hunger and food insecurity, fight disease, strengthen communities, and spread the word of the Gospel. In fact, our strength locally is bolstered by a global reach that seeks to transform lives through a shared faith in God’s love.

This is Christ’s Church. There is a place for you here.