ELCA Youth Ministry Network & Extravaganza

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network annual convention, Extravaganza 2018
Houston, TX: January 26-29, 2018

The ELCA YM Network is the professional network for congregational youthworkers, pastors and volunteers, whose primary mission is to renew, educate, and connect adults who work with youth and families. For many years some believed that the only real benefit of the “Network” as it is called, was the annual conference known as the Extravaganza. But that is only one small portion of the ELCA YMNetwork’s ministry. In fact, members now have access to the following resources as benefits of their membership:

  1. The Connect Journal: A printed publication, published and mailed four times annually to all members, featuring articles by peers, researchers and educators in youth & family.
  2. Third Tuesday Conversations: Offered the third Tuesday of each month, these electronic roundtables allow those who gather to hear from peers and discuss ministry topics relevant to their setting. Members can access these conversations for free.
  3. A national youth ministry salary survey, indicating what peers are making in part-time and full-time positions based on education and experience. The survey can help you and congregations negotiate a living wage for paid youth staff. Additionally, there are job postings for available positions across the ELCA.
  4. Access to the Network members database, a large database of ministry peers across the country and across the street
  5. Discounted registration for the annual convention, called the “Extravaganza”

Additionally, you will find discounts for ELCA YM Network partners including various camps and retreat centers, discounted travel, weekly devotions, the Tech Geek blog, a video archive, Martin’s List and more.

Finally, the Network advocates for the needs and concerns of all youthworkers at the synod and churchwide level, always looking to assist youthworkers as we strive to serve faithfully the children, youth and families we are called to serve. As such, they have recently advocated for standards and guidelines for youthworkers in an effort to build credibility for congregational youthworkers among other ministry professionals, and advocated for and granted money to the

There are many levels of membership to help make membership accessible for as many youth leaders and volunteers as possible. Whether you ever attend the annual “Extravaganza” networking and continuing ed event or not, consider joining the ELCA YM Network. To learn more or to join, visit: http://www.elcaymnet.org/

The ELCA YMNet Extravaganza is scheduled for January 26-29, 2018, in Houston, TX, home of the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering. Registration will open soon!  If you need assistance in locating a roommate, a ride, or need financial support, contact the Office for CYFM at croberts@lss-elca.org.