Media & Web Resources

As a congregational youthworker, I’m always looking for web links to videos, music, blogs and social media sites that can help me:

  1. Find creative media to help enhance my curriculum and teaching materials for use with the youth and families I serve
  2. To help me expand my own thinking/learning around various topics related to youth & family
  3. To do my daily devotional practices or to offer to youth, young adults and parents to assist them in their daily devotional practices

connectedSo here we have listed some of those resources. Some of our favorite blogs, social media sites for devotions and learning, plus web resources that have creative ideas for youth ministry or Christian ed programming. I have tried to categorize them, but we all view things differently, so don’t get too tied to the categories. Browse away!

Truth is, it’s far from an exhaustive menu, but we will continue to add to it, and like with any “healthy” network, it helps when YOU make recommendations. Got a favorite, let me know at Shoot me not only the link, but a quick description of what we can expect when we land there. I’ll send a FREE Comfy Chair resource to the first ten contributors who send me a link I’ve never seen before! Plus we’ll give you the credit.

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Youth Ministry Research & Culture

  1. First Third of Life website:, and on Facebook at:
    A ministry of Luther seminary that grew out of the research done by Dr. Rollie Martinson in conjunction with his book, “Exemplary Youth Ministry.” Everything for research and blogs to seminars and continuing educational opportunities. Like them on Facebook, to get regular updates on their podcasts and other postings.
  2. Faith Inkubators website: http://, and on Facebook at:!/FaithInkubators1
    Faith Ink as they are known designs curriculum to help make faith in the family home more accessible for parents, by creating easy conversation starters known as the Faith 5, and other resources. Their Confirmation curriculum is used by dozens of our synod congregations, and across the church and several other denominations. Rich Milheim, creator of Faith Ink often posts creative suggestions and great links to other tending youth & family blogs, web links and resources if you “like” them on Facebook.
  3. Faith Formation in a Missional Age on Facebook at:!/groups/377743558969891/
    This social media site includes Christian educators, pastors, youthworkers and volunteers all sharing and posting about how faith formation is evolving in their ministry context.
  4. Killing Sunday School: Birthing Cross Generational Worship on Facebook at:!/groups/497608460258081/ 
    Yep, you read it right. How serious are they? Very. In some places the movement away from Sunday school has to do with offering a variety of other learning options to families throughout the week, but is mostly motivated by the congregations where Sunday school for children is an alternative to worshipping with parents. Authors, researchers, youth ministry and Christian ed practitioners all discussing ideas and experiences as they explore new ways of applying faith formation in new settings.
  5. The Slate Project website at: 
    “What if we had a blanks slate,” comes the query on their About Us Page, at least as it relates to doing something new in this world of church and faith. The Way of Jesus was radical, transformative, and anchored in the wildly beautiful love of – and for – God, and the Slate Project seems to want to live in that way. Relatively new and worth watching!


Sarcastic Lutheran:
Nadia Bolz-Weber’s blog

Video Clips

  1. Sermon Spice:
    “Media for your Message,” Sermon Spice has videos catalogued by theme, at various lengths. Although a site that charges per video, once you’ve purchased a clip, it’s yours to keep and re-use as often as you’d like. Great for classes, and large groups, as well as supportive video for sermons.
  2. Wing Clips:
    Wing Clips, has clips from all kinds of movies including first-run films. Catalogued by theme, clips range in length and can be used in a variety of settings. Here you pay for the service, an annual fee, but you can use as many clips as you want.
  3. GodVine:
    GodVIne has free clips, all with a Christian message, although some can be rather hokey, Not a bad resource to be aware of when searching for a quick teaching video for free.

Resources/Curriculum/Books for Purchase

  1. Vibrant Faith website:, or on Facebook at:!/vibrantfaithministries
    Some of the leading educators and practitioners over the past 20 years have borrowed from the research, resources and publications of Vibrant Faith. This group was writing about equipping parents for faith in the family home before it was back in vogue. They publish books, create great games and interactive learning pieces like Faith Talk cards, Faith Stepping Stones, and so much more. They sponsor workshops, lead seminars and create curriculum. This site is invaluable and a place you can and should return to frequently for ideas and materials to purchase and share with your families and fellow congregational Christian educators and leaders.
  2. Augsburg Fortress website:
    Yeh, I know…really, Augsburg? But in recent years they have come a long way in creating some innovative and interactive youth ministry curriculum worthy of note, like Holy Moly and Animate. Take a look, you might find something you like.

Just Because…

Some of these links fit a category and some do not, but I thought you might like to have them…just because!

On Facebook:

    1. Organic Faith:!/groups/177299489062569/
    2. Daily Brew:!/favoritedailybrew
    3. ELCA Youth Ministry Network-Region 8:!/groups/48205285977/
    4. ELCA Youth Gathering:!/youthgathering
    5. ELCA Youth Ministry Network:!/groups/elcaymnet/
    6. ELCA:!/groups/387419187942396/

On the Web:

  1. Youth Leadership: