Children, Youth & Family Ministry Curriculum

Whenever I visit with congregational youth teams or Christian Ed committees, they consistently ask that the Office for Children, Youth & Family offer a source for curriculum sharing. While our synod Resource Center and Resource Café are a great spot to relax and enjoy browsing for hard copy resources and curriculum, we also get requests to share curriculums written for youth groups, Sunday school, and Confirmation ministries, along with links to additional curriculum resources we have discovered on the web.

ym2Here, we will post curriculum in pdf documents that you can download and use free of charge. All the material posted here is done so with permission of the original authors. That being said, you may have to revise some of these documents to fit your ministry setting or context, but it’s a start and in some cases a complete session, retreat, are available for you to adapt and use.

If you have curriculum you have designed that has no copywritten material included, that you would like to offer to share with others, please send it to, and we may include it here. Please include all links to web resources or videos as well as any handouts you have created to be used with the curriculum. We will of course, give you full credit.

Video and Curriculum Web Links and Resources

Check out these web links and resources for ideas, videos, and other creative helps when creating or revising curriculum for your next Confirmation or Sunday school class, Bible study or youth night.
“Martin’s List” 
is a resource of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network, and while you will need to join the Network to access this resource, one visit to Martin’s List makes the annual Network dues seem very worthwhile! Martin’s List is an “open source” site with curriculum from peers across the whole ELCA, including ideas for events, retreats, youth nights, cross-gen activities, and more.
“Media for your Message,” Sermon Spice has videos catalogued by theme, at various lengths. Although a site that charges per video, once you’ve purchased a clip, it’s yours to keep and re-use as often as you’d like. Great for classes, and large groups, as well as supportive video for sermons.
Wing Clips, has clips from all kinds of movies including first-run films. Catalogued by theme, clips range in length and can be used in a variety of settings. Here you pay for the service, an annual fee, but you can use as many clips as you want.
GodVIne has free clips, all with a Christian message, although some can be rather hokey, Not a bad resource to be aware of when searching for a quick teaching video for free.
EGAD Ideas are a FREE resource. They had their previous site hacked, so they are rebuilding, and you can visit the site while he works on it. I’ve used some games and ideas from this site, and some of our peers highly recommend it.