Children, Youth & Family Resources

Resourcing congregational leaders may be one of the most important roles of the Office for CYFM. So on these pages you will find curriculum, links to videos, music, and websites that you can use in your ministry context, plus ideas for programming known as “Nuggets.” We also want to use the partnership between our office and our camps, the seminary, LutheranHANDS, Hope in Haiti, and the ELCA Youth Gathering, Practice Discipleship Initiative, and Global Missions, to make resources available to you to help you in ministry programming and design.

Why re-create the wheel, when there is an abundance of curriculum, materials and organizations equipped to help ministry leaders serve those they are called to lead. With our common mission of faith formation, and assisting 21st century disciples in recognizing their gifts for serving others in Jesus name, we hope to assist you with materials you can begin using immediately, alongside of ideas that may help stir the Spirit towards future ministries and programming.


These are a few ministries, some affiliated with the ELCA and others that focus almost exclusively on Youth & Family Ministry across denominational lines, that you should be connected to:

Peer Ministry offers training, resources, and strategic direction for congregational leaders attempting to develop a strong youth leadership model to support a holistic youth and family ministry. You can attend their training events, purchase resources, or simply be added to their e-newsletters for helpful tidbits on developing a strong peer ministry with your congregational youth.

Practice Discipleship emerged from the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans, as a way to help congregational leaders access training from peers who are practitioners, seminary & college professors, researchers and authors in youth & family ministry, from across the country. Using synod-based leadership for distributive learning, local leaders can access training events hosted on their own synod territory or electronically through regularly-scheduled webinars. Visit the website for updated dates and times, or watch or synod e-newsletter and social media.


The curriculum you will find posted here has been designed using a Lutheran lens, so that you should be able to use it without much theological modification. You are welcome to use it “as is,” or to simply borrow ideas for use in your own Sunday school, youth group, small group, or peer ministry setting. We will also suggest published curriculum that can be used specifically for children and youth ministry as well as ministry with families and materials designed to help equip parents to do more effective faith formation in the home.
(Click here to access of Curriculum Resources page, and watch this space for downloadable curriculum pdf’s in coming weeks) 


Children, youth and even adults tend to connect to curriculum that helps make scripture or faith principles contextual. In other words, using video, music, poetry, quotes, and even social media, to help bring their faith into an everday life context, can help them make more sense of the Biblical concepts you might be teaching. Our office will provide links to media we have used or seen used, and connect that media to scripture to save you time and energy searching the web. In return, if you come across a media resource you really like, let us know and we’ll post it here as a way of sharing resources.
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Today, more material than ever is being produced and shared on the web by fellow pastors, youthworkers and even lay leaders. We’ll provide links to some that we really like. It may require you to do a little reading or watching to determine if it fits with your current ministry context, but it will save you the time of searching for it yourself.
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As a child I remember getting a little mesh bag of gold coins at Christmas time. It was that little extra something alongside the socks and toiletries that helped make my stocking more interesting and fun. “Nuggets” are just that, they are the extra little resources we have found that add spice to a Sunday school lesson or a Confirmation class, that help make a youth group night memorable, or that tug at the emotional heartstrings in a way that helps a lesson on Matthew last in the minds and hearts of the listener. Borrow them, use them, adapt them to your mi istry setting and share them with others. If you have a favorite, send it our way and maybe we’ll post it here.
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