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Winterfest 2015 Flyer
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posseWhat’s NEW for 2015?
There are a couple cool, new additions to the Winterfest experience for 2015, including:

  1. “Fed to Feed” – our social media and video campaign to raise awareness and funds for hunger 
  2. Adult Learning Tracks led by the staff of the Youth Ministry Certification School at Gettysburg Seminary and by synod Resource Director and founder of the LSS Center for Faith Formation, Marsha Roscoe.
  3. “Love Wins,” a Raleigh, NC ministry that helps serve the immediate, emotional and spiritual needs of area homeless will be represented by their executive director, Hugh Hollowell, to be our keynote speaker.
  4. Led by pastor Anne Rose-Reeves, you’ll be introduced to the “potato garden” ministry at St Paul’s Lutheran, Enola. Learn how a garden ministry not only helps to feed local people in need, but to feed the educational and spiritual needs of multiple generations in one local congregation.

Winterfest Fees & How to Register for 2015?
Registration for Winterfest costs $215/person, and is strictly electronic, and we suggest that congregational leaders register your congregation as a group. Collect the information on each of your registrants using the handy “Sample Participants Information Collection Sheet,” that you can download and print below. This year, the form is available in a PDF document, OR if you would like to modify it electronically for your own congregational purposes, download it in a Word file, and modify it to fit your needs. You may also want to print a copy of the Official Registration Information Packet that contains detailed information on how to register electronically. Once you have everyone’s information collected, go to the registration webpage to begin the registration process. Try to have all participants information together when you sit down to begin data entry to dave yourself time later. Once you have registered the group online, print a copy of the Winterfest 15 Housing Form also found below, and mail it with a check made payable to the Lower Susquehanna Synod, equal to the number of participants times the $50 deposit. Then you are officially registered. Winterfest 2015 Registration weblink.

Questions, concerns, trouble registering? Contact Charlie Roberts, Director of the synod Office for Children, Youth & Family Ministry

What is Winterfest? 
Winterfest is our annual synod senior-high and young adult event, for youth in grades 9-12, and young adults up to age 24. Typically held the first weekend of the new year, the
event includes large group gatherings with live music, speakers and video, all focused on a central theme. Participants also gather with youth their own age for caring conversation and activities in small groups with leaders trained to help them discuss the event theme and its impact on their daily lives of faith formation. The weekend includes lots of time for fun and socializing, hanging with old friends and meeting new ones, as well as time for worship and prayer.

Each year youth can look forward to traditional small group conversations with peers, but also the interactive learning modules recently added to the afternoon line-up at Winterfest. Youth can also look forward to many of the fun and fellowship activities that make Winterfest memorable, like inflatable games, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and basketball in the Host’s spacious Expo Center, a Saturday evening dance, live music and karaoke, snacks and more. 
Youth leaders can gather for continuing education, spiritual nurture, and fellowship with their peers. 
 Winterfest 2015 Registration Weblink

Thanks for a GREAT Winterfest 2014!
tempted2014’s theme, “Tempted” addressed not only the external temptations that we face in our culture, but also the internal temptations that can often erode our relationship with God and with others. We discussed the cultural temptation of focusing on “self,” and how a move from ME to WE, can bring us into a closer relationship with God as we live out our call to be Jesus’ disciples in the world. We also welcomed the Senior Coach of ACHIEVEability, Harold Barrow. ACHIEVEability is an organization whose primary mission is to help low-income, single-parent families living in homelessness, achieve self-sufficiency. His story, a story wrought with temptations that led to his own homelessness, is more than a cautionary tale for us all, but story of the redemptive nature of living for the other. Reminded again and again of God’s love for him, the birth of his daughter led to Harold’s life change as he began to make her his priority. His story was a highlight of the weekend. To learn more about the ministry of ACHIEVEability, check them out on the web at

Here are programming links from our “tempted” theme:
Winterfest Schedule: wntrfstsched14
Scripture and Video Bank: winterfest14scripturebank
Marshmallow Video (Friday night large group):
Rob Bell’s Chairs Video (Saturday Large Group) 
This Hand (Sunday Large Group)

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