Winterfest at Nawakwa

A faith formation event for youth and young adults
January 5-7, 2018
Camp Nawakwa

Winterfest at Nawakwa: Why?

The traditional Winterfest event held at the Lancaster Host Resort for many years, was originally cancelled for 2018. We planned to skip a year, to allow for a new event to emerge in a new location. Plans are underway for Winterfest 2019! However, in the meantime the Lutheran Camping Corporation approached the Office for Youth & Family Ministry, and suggested hosting a much smaller event at Camp Nawakwa. It has been dubbed Winterfest at Nawakwa. 
The event will be smaller because of the limited winterized sleeping facilities at Camp Nawakwa in January. In an effort to create more space for participants, adult advisors from congregations do NOT need to attend the event. Instead, event staff and small group leaders will serve as event advisors as well. This will allow us to register up to 85 youth, in grades 9th-12th, at the time of registration.

Since registration is so limited, the process works like this:
1. Fill out the Winterfest 2018 Individual Registration for each youth attending
2. If more than one youth is registering from your congregation, also fill out the Winterfest 2018 Group Registration Form
3. Email the form(s) to
4. Mail the forms with a $50 deposit for each registrant to our office
(address listed on the form)
5. Await a confirmation email, to confirm youth is registered
6. Bring signed covenants and medical forms to the event registration on January 5, 2018

2018 Theme: “ordinary”

In 21st century American culture, going to church on Sunday or to youth group, have become the connection for most people to God or to their faith. But being a disciple of Jesus in the world today goes way beyond simply showing up to visit with God once a week or once a month at church. It’s living a different way…the Jesus “way,” in our everyday, ordinary lives. At Winterfest at Nawakwa, youth will explore how God is using their gifts to do extraordinary things in the midst of their relatively ordinary lives.They will be challenged to explore how to deepen their relationship with God, and to recognize the ways God is calling them to serve others.

Registration OPTIONS and details for 2018:

dsc_0019-3There is only one option, to register for the entire event.
Event registration includes two nights of lodging, four meals, two evening snacks, plus all event fees. There is no Friday evening meal offered, so participants are encouraged to eat on their way to the event, or before departing to come to the event.

Winterfest 2018 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I don’t attend, who will be responsible for my youth?
Event staff. Those who have typically served only as small group leaders will be housed in lodges with youth and will be the responsible adults in the lodges.
2. How will I know if a registrant is accepted given the limited size of the event?
We will email you directly when we receive a congregation or individual registration
3. Can I register just one youth from my congregation?
Yes. There are both individual and group registration forms. If you are registering just one student, merely send the individual form with a deposit. If there are more than one youth from your group, we ask that you please send both the individual and group forms with the deposit(s)

Tell me about Winterfest

Agape performs at Winterfest 2016

Once known as this synod’s “senior high youth event,” Winterfest has become a much larger gathering of central PA Lutheran Christians. It still includes mostly senior high youth often representing 60+ congregations, young adults, mainly college-aged, who gather with peers to discuss their faith through the lens of our curriculum. Plus, congregations that participate have always sent adult “advisors” to accompany their youth, but in recent years we have also added adult learning tracks and invited other adults who are looking to deepen their faith or broaden their personal education, to participate in our community as well.

Each year, a theme is chosen and a curriculum developed that explores an idea from scripture. Youth are divided into small groups of their peers, led by an adult “small group leader,” chosen for their unique gifts in teaching and accompanying youth. Large group sessions reinforce our scriptural theme and help us place the theme in our current context, helping to feed the topical discussions in small group. Add plenty of opportunities for fellowship, fun, and inspiring worship and singing to the mix, and you’ve got what many participants consider a “must-attend” event.

Downloadable Registration Resources