ALiVE: Middle School Youth Event

An event for youth in grades 6-8, and their advisors
 September 22-24, 2017

Print the ALiVE Flyer: ALiVE 2017
Print the NEW ALiVE 2017 Registration Form:
ALiVE 2017 Group Registration Form

ALiVE 2017 will feature many of the same events and activities that have come to help make these events so memorable for youth and their adult advisors, but with a few new twists. Our theme is “ordinary,” and is based on The Message version of Romans 12:1-2, where Paul encourages the followers of Jesus to live their everyday lives in a way that reflects who they are as Children of God.

What’s NEW? = The Harvest Festival
Well, it’s not actually part of ALiVE, but it’s connected. We have always invited families who are driving to pick up youth on Sunday, to come early for worship. This year we are expanding our invitation slightly. ALiVE participants and their advisors, plus families, senior high youth, children and young adults, are welcome to join us at Nawakwa Sunday morning at 11 AM for worship, and then stay for a picnic-style lunch at the Pavilion. Games, activities, and hiking follow, and families and congregations are invited to leave as their schedules require. ALiVE participants do not HAVE to stay for the Harvest Festival, but are invited to do so. We thought this might be a nice day to gather families for a family event, since we are already at Nawakwa! There is a separate charge for the Harvest Festival that can be paid upon arrival. However, if you are coming to ALiVE, and staying for the Harvest Festival, please note that on your registration forms.

A Simplified Registration Process?
Gathering information from parents for an event can be painful. Many are hesitant to commit and you all have deadlines to meet. Some parents even wait until the last minute to register their child. So, we made registration simply! All you need is the participant’s:
1. Name   2. Gender   3. T-Shirt Size
Print out the form, fill in the names of those attending, and send it with the ALiVE 2017 Cabin Housing Form & deposit check to the Office for Children, Youth & Family Ministry.

What you can expect if you attend?
pbpieYouth stay in cabins with their congregational peers and leaders, so this is a weekend for you to do some group building. The youth meet with trained small group leaders for interactive learning and conversation with their peers, allowing them to meet new friends from Lutheran congregations across our synod. Many have said they remain friends throughout high school and even college. Along with the small group learning opportunities, youth can enjoy games, crafts, large group music and singing, evening activities that include a campfire and most recently Capture the Flag, as well as worship at Upper Temple on Sunday, weather-permitting.

Adult leaders can gather with their peers from other congregations for conversation, renewal, and continuing education.Plus, everyone enjoys worship at Upper Temple, large group singing and activities, and the beautiful fall weather at Camp Nawakwa and the surrounding orchards.

Alive, Alive: An Historic Perspective
In 1992, a group of congregational youth leaders from our synod envisioned a fall weekend retreat that would bring together junior high school youth for fellowship, faith formation and fun, in the beautiful fall setting of Camp Nawakwa. One of the early themes was entitled Alive, Alive, and the name soon became the name the event would carry for 20+ years. Today, we still gather at Nawakwa each fall, and while the event is later to accommodate congregational groups registering POST-Rally day, the fun, fellowship and faith formation still remain.

ALiVE 2016: September 23-25, 2016
strikeaposeOur 2016 event was “Stand Up.” We explored some of the historic experiences of church and world leaders who stood up for what they believed, starting with Martin Luther. Luther’s willingness to stand on the Word of God, led to Protestant reformation, while Martin Luther King Jr’s willingness to stand for the injustice of racism, reflected his understanding of Gospel principles regarding how we see our neighbors, brothers and sisters. Youth had a chance to discuss the way they can stand against bullying in their schools and neighborhoods, and heard about a young Muslim woman, Malala, who stood up against the Taliban, who were restricting young women from receiving an education.

Here are some resources from our event that may be helpful in your congregation:
1. “Stand Up” Curriculum 
2. ALiVE 2016 Worship Liturgy

Downloadable Resources

We have a ALiVE 2017 Group Registration Form that we encourage you to please send with the ALiVE Cabin Housing Form and deposits.