“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” -Matthew 7:7-8

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Lower Susquehanna Synod Prayer List

Weekly Prayers for our Congregations, Ministers, and Ministry Partners (December 11 – 17, 2017)

We invite your prayers for these congregations of our synod: Zion (York), Zion (Buck Valley, Warfordsburg), and  Zion (Erdman, Klingerstown).

We invite your prayers for these synod rostered ministers: The Rev. Adam T. Morton (Holy Trinity & Christ, Lancaster), The Rev. Russell H. Mueller (retired), The Rev. Wayne C. Muthler (Frey Village, Middletown), Deacon Emily R. Myallis (St. Paul, Lititz),  The Rev. Robert J. Myallis (St. Paul, Lititz) and The Rev. Sharon F. Kelly (Trinity, Chambersburg). 

We invite your prayers for our ministry partner: The Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Audrey Scanlan, bishop.

We invite your prayers for our seminarian: Keith Shively.

…continued prayers for Seth Kurtz and his wife, the Rev. Caitlin Kurtz.  Seth is currently deployed with the US Navy until the end of February.

…continued prayers for the family and friends of Charles Compton (father of The Rev. Jeffrey Compton, retired) and Richard Miller (father of The Rev. Sherry Miller, SpiriTrust Chaplain),  Alyce Cleeremans (grandmother of The Rev. James Polanzke), Ruth Polanzky (mother of The Rev. James Polanzke and mother-in-law of The Rev. Liz Polanzke), Lea Kassekert (sister of The Rev. Tasha Genck-Morton), The Rev. George R. Knarr (retired). Fae Appleby (former synod vice president), Margaret Keyser (spouse of Pastor Ed Keyser, retired), Richard W. Eckert (father of Pastor J. Richard Eckert – St. Peter, Middletown), John Kelly (father of Pastor Sharon Kelly – Trinity, Chambersburg), The Rev. Frederick L. Shilling (retired), Louise L. Reynolds (mother of Megan McClinton and mother-in-law of the Rev. Brian McClinton), The Rev. Robert W. Jenson (retired), The Rev. Jay B. Eickhoff, Glenn Snyder (spouse of The Rev. Patricia Snyder), Dorothy Peterman, mother of Connie Dunlop, mother-in-law of Bishop Jim Dunlop, and former secretary of our synod, Olivia Geib, spouse of The Rev. Andrew Geib (St. James, Gettysburg), and daughter-in-law of The Rev. Richard B. and The Rev. Catharine Senft Geib (Tree of Life, Harrisburg).

…prayers for peace, healing and hope for The Rev. Ken Jetto who is recovering from a kidney transplant as well as prayers of consolation for the family of the kidney donor.  The Rev. Miriam Nicholson (on leave), Elspeth Allsopp (daughter of Pastors Rob & Sharron Blezard), Ernestine Ierien, mother of Pastor Robert Ierien, Pastor Charles Kampmeyer (retired), Pastor William Knotts and his wife, Nancy (retired), Pastor Elwood Leister (retired), Pastor Miriam Nicholson (Messiah, Elliottsburg), Natalie Rimmer, wife of Pastor Chad Rimmer (Lutheran World Federation), Denny Lubold, husband of former synod staff member Linda LuboldPastor Carl Bentz (retired) and his wife, Fair BentzPastor Richard Starr (retired, serving Starview), Pastor Charles Aurand (retired, WV-WMd Synod), Pastor Terry McCarthy (St. Paul, Broadway, Hanover), Pastor Susan McCarthy (Benders and St. Paul, Biglerville), Pastor David DeLong (Mt. Carmel), Janice Ambrose, wife of Pastor Al Ambrose (retired), Janice Cromer (wife of Pastor Douglas Cromer, retired), Pastor Don Gallion (retired), Pastor Jay Bohn, (retired) and his wife, Mary Bohn, Pastor George Buechner (retired), Richard Weaver (formerly a pastor in our synod).

…prayers for our bishopsElizabeth, Jim, and Israel-Peter and Bishop Elect of Konde Diocese, The Rev. Dr. Edward Johnson Mwaikali– and all who serve the church.

…prayers for the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Truscott, serving in Singapore, Pastor Stephen Deal, serving in Central America, for Young Adults in Global Mission, Dr. Joe and Pastor Deborah Troester, serving in Tanzania, Deacon April Trout serving the St. Paul Area Synod and for all other missionaries serving around the world.

…prayers for all elected officials and for all government employees — that they serve with wisdom, vision, seek peace and justice, and work for the good of all citizens.

…prayers for those who are hungry and homeless in our midst. We pray for the many ministries across our Lower Susquehanna Synod and give thanks for the difference being made.

…prayers for all those affected by natural disasters, especially our neighbors in Texas, Louisiana and Florida dealing with the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

…prayers for peace, justice, and reconciliation for the whole human family around the world that encounters violence, racism, prejudice, and injustice.

…prayers for immigrants and refugees who in their desperation to move to a new country put their lives in danger; that all be led safely in God’s care.

…prayers for all victims of violence and terror around our world, both at home and abroad. We pray for cooler heads, respect for one another, and saner solutions. We pray for the courage to love all God’s children. We pray that black lives will matter to all. We pray that law enforcement officials will be safe in their work, and that God’s house in all places will safe space and sanctuary for all who enter.

…prayers for those in the criminal justice system, especially this month we pray for the administration, staff, corrections officers, inmates, families of inmates of following facilities: Forest County Jail, Franklin County Jail, Fulton County Jail, Greene County Prison, Huntingdon County Prison, SCI Retreat at Humlock Creek, SCI Rockview at Bellefonte, and SCI Somerset.

…prayers for all who commit violence against others, that they recognize the violence they have committed, that their hearts would be changed, and that they receive forgiveness, mercy, and grace when it is offered and in doing so be changed.

Have a prayer request to share with others in our synod? Please contact Cathy Deitrich at cdeitrich@lss-elca.org. Please also notify her when you wish to be removed from the list.