Sharing Our Faith Stories

Where have you encountered God lately? 

Stories of faith celebrate our encounters with God through Christ. God encounters happen in a variety of ways – through conversations with others, visions or dreams, quiet inner voices, unexpected, much-needed grace filled encouragement from others, compassionate direct eye contact and smiles, nature, fresh running water, helping hands, music, scripture, worship, just to name a few.

Many of us find it difficult, or awkward at best, to talk about God in first person. Yet, we encounter God each and every day whether we realize it or not. Here are a few questions that might help you and others discover where the Holy Spirit has been at work:

  • Share about a time when you felt God very close and present with you.
  • Reflect on a conversation when God spoke to you through another person or situation.
  • Tell about a time when you experienced God’s presence through the Holy Spirit and/or angels guiding you.
  • Share how prayer deepens your connection to God.
  • Reflect on the ways God is using your spiritual gifts to bless and love others.
  • Tell a story about God’s involvement in forgiveness and/or reconciliation.

Sharing faith stories plant faith seeds and reflect on the work of the Spirit. God gives us opportunities every day to share our faith and celebrate the many ways we encounter Jesus. How will you share the gift of faith with others?