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“In the right hands, hope brings health.”
from Deacon Marsha Roscoe, Director for Resource Ministries

Faith formation comes in many different shapes and sizes throughout our Synod: Sunday school, confirmation, bible studies, youth ministries, service projects, retreats, special events, book reflections, church family movie nights, vacation bible school, mission trips – endless opportunities. As the new Director for Resource Ministries in the Lower Susquehanna Synod, I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your congregation.

What resources wouldn’t you live without?
How might our Resource Center help equip and support the ministries of faith formation leaders?

Regardless of church size or number of classes and programs offered, faith formation is a huge responsibility we share together. Forming our lives of faith never ends. At times, we grow weary from the challenges of declining trends, fewer volunteers and spiritual burnout. This isn’t the end. We are Easter people – trusting death does not have the last word. Opportunities to quench spiritual thirst might need repackaged, expanded, or created. Rethinking faith formation is not easy work, especially when undertaken alone. Along I-83 South a Holy Spirit Hospital billboard reads, “In the right hands, hope brings health.” Whose hands have we placed our hope? Christ’s hands reach out to help. When we accept God’s gifts, health abounds.

As a Synod, we “come together” to share in the ministry of the Gospel. Together, let’s focus on deeply influencing our congregations’ lives of faith.

Yours in Christ,
Deacon Marsha Roscoe
Director for Resource Ministries

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