Lower Susquehanna Lutherans will “knock the socks off hunger” at our Synod Assembly this year. Bishop Jim Dunlop challenges all synod assembly attendees to “Sock it to Hunger” by wearing red socks on Friday, June 2. Bishop Jim and Connie Dunlop will give $5 to ABMN Hunger Initiatives for every pair of #LSS17 red socks. 

THAT’S RIGHT! For each pair of red socks worn and shared in a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #LSS17 Bishop Dunlop and his wife, Connie, will donate $5 to ABMN Hunger Initiatives.

BUT IT GETS BETTER! St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Enola, is adding $1 to every $5 Bishop Dunlop donates. Pastor Anne Reeves said, “We hope this inspires more congregations to do the same.” The congregation also plans to make a donation for every person wearing red socks at their Pentecost worship on June 4.

Red are the feet of the messengers who take good news from our time together through gospel calls to action in this world!