Malaria Campaign

The ELCA Malaria Campaign is over $12 million toward the $15 million fundraising goal!

The ultimate fundraising goal of the ELCA Malaria Campaign is $15 million by 2015. (And we have great confidence that your generosity is up to that challenge!) Along the way, we also have annual fundraising goals– to make sure that our Lutheran companions in Africa have the resources that they need to keep their malaria programs running every year between now and 2015.

Our goal for the Lower Susquehanna Synod is to raise $500,000 for the ELCA Malaria Campaign. To date we have raised $279,469 (or $2.74/baptized member). In order to meet our goal by the end of 2015 we need to raise $5.50/baptized member. We can do this through your continued creative efforts and generosity. Thank you so much for giving your time, talent and treasure to this ministry. We are grateful for your participation and concern for our brothers and sisters who live with this disease that we can completely eradicate.

By giving so generously in 2014, Lower Susquehanna Lutherans are fulfilling our promises to our companions in Africa. And our companions are fulfilling their promises to us as well– by designing, implementing and expanding anti-malaria programs in their communities in Africa. These programs are making a positive impact on the health of many, many families.

Malaria scorecardClick here for a Lower Susquehanna Synod 2015 Malaria Campaign Scorecard to share in your congregation and/or conference! 
At this point in the campaign it will take about two Starbucks worth per baptized member ($3.00) to achieve the goal this year. If you have the capacity to share more, please do.Think about the gift to those around you as well as those suffering who this campaign can reach. Each dollar is important!

Pesky skeeterSave the Date for World Malaria Sunday 2015!

Sunday April 26 is this year’s designated day to celebrate World Malaria Day (Saturday, April 25) and the progress we are making through the campaign to eradicate this deadly, yet preventable, disease. How will your congregation mark this day?
For more ideas visit the ELCA website by clicking here.

Concerned about recent reports of malaria nets being used as fishnets? Our ELCA  Malaria Campaign staff note that these reports appear to be isolated incidents. Click here to learn how the ELCA is working to provide not only nets but also education and support to ensure their correct usage.

Malaria death rate slows

Thanks to a global effort, including your contributions to the ELCA Malaria Campaign, fewer children are dying of malaria. While still unacceptable, today a child dies every 60 seconds from malaria rather than last year’s rate of every 45 seconds or every 30 seconds 2½ years ago. You can download a new poster that illustrates this improvement at

Making an impact in Zambia

Community members in Kashima, Zambia voiced concerns over the shortages of malaria medication in this area—particularly ACTs, which are the current front-line malaria treatment. Read more in the ELCA Malaria Campaign blog…

Grassroot funding supports malaria programs a world away

Special thanks to Marcia Hahn, synod communicator for the Northeastern Iowa Synod, for sharing this article with us! It was published in the synod’s Feb 2013 newsletter, the Northeastern Iowa Star.

Walk into just about any ELCA church in the Northeastern Iowa Synod and you’re likely to see or hear something about malaria. The same is true for Lutheran churches in Africa where the ELCA Malaria Campaign is helping to bring malaria prevention, treatment and awareness programs to local communities. Read more…