Konde Diocese

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

With over four million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
(ELCT) is one of the largest Lutheran church bodies in Africa. It is led by a presiding
bishop and twenty diocesan bishops.

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Konde Diocese

  • The Konde Diocese has more than 120,000 members, seven districts, 108 pastors, 124 evangelists and 64 congregations.
  • The Gospel was brought to the area by German missionaries in 1891. The Konde Diocese, which was started in 1977, is headquartered in Tukuyu.
  • The Rev. Dr. Israel-Peter Mwakyolile is bishop of the diocese.
  • The Rev. Geofrey Samwel Mwakihaba is Assistant to the Bishop.
  • The Rev. Ikupilika Moses Mwakisimba is the General Secretary.
  • The Rev. Meshack Edward Njinga is the Deputy General Secretary for Finance, Planning and Development
  • Ms. Alice Henry Mtui is the Deputy General Secretary for Christian Nurture and Social Services

Vision statement of the Konde Diocese: “Good news and better life for all people without discrimination of any kind.”

Mission Statement: “To serve humankind holistically, spiritually, physically and mentally.”

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