Guide for Congregations, Pastors, and Supply Persons Regarding Supply Needs

This guide has been prepared in an effort to assist congregations/pastor or supply person if needed. It is meant to include seminarians, synod staff, retired and active pastors. Lay persons may be assigned if no one is available from this category in consultation with the contact person who has requested a supply pastor.

  1. The need for supply pastors that cannot be met locally are directed to the Supply Coordinator at the synod office (717-652-1852 ext. 115) or to the Supply Coordinator at the seminary at Gettysburg (717-338-0593).
  2. The person assigned should receive a bulletin prior to the service if one is available so that he/she can be familiar with the order of service.
  3. Hospitality arrangements should be made in advance for overnight accommodations should the person assigned find it necessary.
  4. The contact person is responsible for contacting the person assigned as far ahead as possible so that he/she knows where the church is located and any other needs the congregation may have.
  5. The person assigned also should contact the pastor or contact person to verify the date(s) he/she is expected to conduct the service.
  6. The honorarium should be presented to the guest immediately following the service.
  7. Please note: Persons who serve as supply pastor or interim pastor in a congregation are NOT ELIBIGLE to be considered for call to that congregation.
  8. If the congregation opts to make a change to the schedule after a pastor or lay person has been assigned, it is the responsibility of the congregation to contact the pastor/lay person to let him/her know of the change and the reason for the change.

Worship Supply Rates

  • $165.00 for one service
  • $205.00 for two services
  • $245.00 for three or more services.

Add $40.00 for each additional service (i.e. more than three) Saturday evening and Sunday morning service. For example, four Sunday morning services are $285.00. Also add $60.00 for each additional weekend service other than Sunday morning (i.e. on Saturday evening or Sunday evening). For example, one Saturday evening and two Sunday morning services are $305.00 ($245.00 for the three services plus $60.00 for the Saturday evening service).

The above schedule applies to Saturday evening, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, weekday and weekday evening services. For example, a single Maundy Thursday evening service is $165.00; a single midweek Wednesday morning service is $165.00; a single Sunday evening service is $165.00.

The mileage reimbursement for each round trip is at the prevailing IRS rate. Effective January 1, 2017 that rate is 53.5 cents/mile (53.5¢ / mile).

Effective 1/1/17.