Suggested Readings for Candidates for Ministry

Barnett, James, The Diaconate: A Full and Equal Order, The Seabury Press, 1981.

Written out of the Episcopal struggle to honor the permanent diaconate, this book presents a history from New Testament times to the fourth century. It then offers a plan for renewal in the Episcopal Church today. There is a good section on the history and use of diaconal vestments.

Bouman, Walter and Sue Setzer, What Shall I Say — Discerning God’s Call to Ministry, Division for Ministry —ELCA, 1995.

Breyer, Chloe, The Close — A Young Woman’s First Year at Seminary, Basic Books, New York, 2000.

A reflection on the material and spiritual struggles of a student at an Episcopal Seminary.

Called By God — Responding with a Life of Service, Division for Ministry — ELCA, 1995.

Cetuk, Virginia, What to Expect at Seminary — Theological
Education as Spiritual Formation
, Abingdon Press, Nashville, Tn, 1998.

Written from the professor’s point of view, with much student input.

Dawn, Marva & Eugene Peterson, The Unnecessary Pastor, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2000.

Guinness, Os, The Call — Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life, Word Publishing, Nashville, 1998.

Hansen, David, The Art of Pastoring — Ministry Without all the Answers, Intervarsity Press, Madison, Wisconsin, 1994.

Hanson, Bradley, A Graceful Life — Lutheran Spirituality for Today, Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, Mn, 2000.

Hanson presents basic Lutheran concepts along with experiential stories that highlight the doctrine.

Larson, Duane, ed. From Word and Sacrament: Renewed Vision for Diaconal Ministry, ELCA, Chicago, Illinois.

Pennington, M. Basil, Lectio Divina — Renewing the Ancient Practice of Praying the Scriptures, Crossroad Publishing Co., New York, 1998.

Peterson, Eugene, Five Smooth Stones, Eerdmans Publishing Co, 1980.

Peterson, Eugene, Under the Unpredictable Plant, Eerdmans Publishing Co, 1992.

Peterson, Eugene, Working the Angles, Eerdmans Publishing Co, 1987.

Radcliffe, Timothy O.P., Sing a New Song — The Christian Vocation, Templegate Publishers, Springfield, Illinois, 1999.

Stairs, Jean, Listening for the Soul — Pastoral Care and Spiritual Direction, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 2000.

Stone, Howard & James Duke, How to Think Theologically, Fortress Press, Minneapolis, 1996.

Weiser, Frederick, Love’s Response — A Story of the Lutheran Deaconesses in America, The Board of Publications — ULCA, Philadelphia, 1962. (out of print — see Sr. Davia for a copy)

The late Pastor Weiser, who was rostered in the Lower Susquehanna Synod, covers Biblical and theological foundations of the diaconate, the move from Europe to America and the work and life of the Deaconess. While some of the information on preparation and work is out of date, it is a wonderful primmer for understanding the diaconate in America.

Willimon, William H., Calling and Character — Virtues of the Ordained Life, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 2000.

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