Call Manual for Congregations

Blessings on your journey ahead as you call a new leader to serve in your congregation or institution. Below are resources that can assist you.

Call Manual for Congregations and Institutions – This is the main guide to help you through the process. It covers the 12 steps you will follow.

Appendices – Here are helpful resources to supplement the Call Manual:

A – Exit Evaluation Form

B – Certification of Church Records

C — Policies on Interim Pastor and Preaching Arrangement

D — Guidelines for Preaching Arrangements/Worship Supply Pastors

E — Council Worksheet for Interim Pastor

F — Services of Closure/Retirement

G — Mission Planning for Congregations in Transition

H — Litanies of Welcome/Farewell for an Interim

I — Sample Letter to Candidate No Longer Being Considered

J — Questions a Call Committee Might Like to Ask a Prospective Leader

K — Questions a Candidate Might Like to Ask a Prospective Congregation

L – Covenants of Closure: Guidelines for Former Ministers and their Congregations

M – Definition of Compensation Benefits, and Responsibilities

N — Hearing Voices – God Speaks to a Search Committee

O — Evaluation of the Lower Susquehanna Synod Call Process

P — Installation of a Rostered Person

Additional Resources

Click here to download a blank sample copy of the Ministry Site Profile (useful for Call Committee review).

Click here to be redirected to the Ministry Sites page of the ELCA website. Here you’ll find helpful tools and tutorials pertaining to the Ministry Site Profile (MSP).