Synod Assembly

Save the Date: 2017 Synod Assembly
Hungry for Reform

30th Annual Lower Susquehanna Synod Assembly * June 2 -3, 2017
Parmer Hall in the High Center for Worship & Performing Arts at Messiah College in Grantham, PA

Synod Assembly 2017 - Reform Renew Revision

Our theme for the 30th annual Lower Susquehanna Synod Assembly is R3: reFORM + reNEW + reVISION. Together we will explore congregational renewal that springs from nurturing relationships with God, with one another, and with the communities our congregations are called to serve. We’ll also worship, learn about ministries and mission happening here and around the world, and celebrate life together as synod.

Scripture reveals how our world is always changing and how God continually calls leaders to adapt, grow, and find new ways to reach God’s people. This year, as we observe the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance, wisdom and strength to help us better to fulfill our mission.

  • God will reFORM us and our congregations as we pray, worship, and listen with open hearts, minds and souls.
  • God will reNEW us and our congregations in spirit and purpose as we thoughtfully and prayerfully act on the Holy Spirit’s leanings.
  • God will reVISION us and our congregations as we earnestly desire to understand and live into God’s preferred future for our world.


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